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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ocean Radioactivity and the Primordial Soup of Potassium K-40, et al. Turtles Used to Live to 300 Years Old, Not Anymore

This research done by "Praising Truth" at ENE

Tumored Turtles Are Toast 

Turtles used to live 300 years, and as a species they survived 150,000,000 years.     The leatherneck, like a marine, semper fi!

The scientists who are paid to minimize the perception of risk of radiation, like Ken Busseler who authored "our radioactive ocean", like to point out that the ocean has quite a bit of radioactivity, 88% from Potassium.    

Turtles, for millions of years, swam in an ocean that was even higher in Potassium K40 which is radioactive.    Did that K40 hurt them?    Apparently not, some lived for 300 years.    There is less K40 now, but turtles are getting hit hard.

They went through several periods of intense cosmic gamma radiation when earth was far away from the protection of the galactic plane, and survived intense asteroid bombardments as the earth passed through the galactic plane and asteroids from the Oort cloud come whizzing by.     

But it doesn't look like they are going to survive man's chemical and radiation attack on the Pacific Ocean.

1. Mass Animal Deaths June 2015: Sheep, Fish, Turtles, Chickens, Crabs, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Whales
2. Sea turtle mass deaths
November 17, 2013
Since July 1, 2015 from:
3. Semarnat reported 40 dead turtles in Veracruz coast
20.07.2015 |
4. 18th July 2015 – 60 dead turtles found during past 3 weeks in Venice, Italy. Link
"Yellow" at sea, 60 turtles
death in three weeks
5. 13th July 2015 – Mass die off of turtles 'is a mystery' in Wellfleet Bay, Massachusetts, America. Link
“..All told, 89 turtles were found in bad shape or dead; one juvenile, 64 mature and 12 unknown as to age. More inexplicably, 76 of the 89 turtles were females; only six were male and seven were too small to identify….”
6. 1st July 2015 – 37 turtles found… dead on a beach in Christ Church, Barbados. Link

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