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Thursday, September 3, 2015

18 Goals to a Better World

I saw this comment on "The Daily Sheeple" article regarding how Agenda 2030 (Sustainability, Equality, Climate and Environment) is really just a way to roll out the New World Order.

I added items Zero

The comment was by moniker

Uh, blue is by me

Goal 0 - Phase out all nuclear starting with the USA.    Dry cask all fuel that can be casked.    Strengthen radiation protection for the public, do not weaken protections via the lie of "hormesis: radiation is good for you" which the NRC is currently trying to pass.   Force all nuclear plants that once shut down, they have 5 years to completely restore to greenfield status, except in cases where some of their existing infrastructure will be used to facilitate the new solar farms to be built on and adjacent to the nuclear plant.   Right now they are allowed 60 years to let the plant just sit.

Goal 0A - Eliminate the Federal Reserve, To get back to honest money, link the USA money supply to the amount of Gold stored by the Federal Government.   It doesn't have to be 1 to 1, pick a reasonable fixed ratio which cannot be changed short of a constitutional amendment.    Audit Fort Knox and other government stored Gold sites.   

Goal 0B - Eliminate all forms of reverse discrimination 

Goal 0C - Eliminate all "case law" related to the Constitution, the effect of which has morphed and injured the intent of the Constitution.     If any part of the Constitution needs clarifying (as is implied by case law being present) then clarify the Constitution using modern language that a 7th grader could fully understand.  

Goal 0D - Reestablish working and competitive free markets.   

Goal 0E - Eliminate the purchasing of the Government.   Eliminate lobbying, eliminate campaign contributions, eliminate the revolving door where government officials cannot ever to work for an industry that they regulated, now can industry executive accept appointments for government positions.

Goal 0F - Eliminate the "police state".     Once people start getting treated like humans again, their won't be the hatred, vitriol, and chance of revolution that create the perceived need for the highly militarized police state.

Goal 1 - To protect myself from communist schemes passed off as help for the poor.

Goal 2 - Be completely self sufficient in growing my own food. have heirloom seeds hidden in multiple places for thieves and feds, I repeat myself.

Goal 3 - Ensure non GMO agriculture worldwide. Make wholesome, organic food the healthy standard it should be. Get rid of all GMOs and start calling food just food again.   Eliminate all laws and regulations that restrict people from the use of their own land in growing food or collecting water in any way they wish.

Goal 4 - Get rid of all propaganda passed off as education and remove all federal school funding. Time to go back to when our children were the smartest, before the communist public fool system was developed.    Parents who have more than 2 children shall pay the entire cost of education beyond 2 children.

Goal 5 - Maintain genders and their roles, no human freak shows passed of as normal and healthy. Gays should not be persecuted but also not celebrated for what they do. Keep it to yourself.

Goal 6 - Remove all corporate control of all water sources, and minimize any governmental control of water sources especially on private land, remove all fluoride and use substances like MMS that are both safe and effective and do not spiritually lobotomize you.

Goal 7 - Get rid of the 1% power structure enslaving us with dirty and dangerous energy sources, try and convict those that have held free or highly efficient energy products from the public.

Goal 8 - Decentralize all industries so regular people can thrive and small business can make this country/world great again. Corporate greed is killing us, it is time to put a stop to it with people power!

Goal 9 - Legalize hemp and start planting it everywhere and start using hempcrete for construction and biodegradable hemp plastic that is stronger and more durable that petroleum based plastic that is killing this plane.

Goal 10 - Allow nations to reclaim their identity. Save individual cultures throughout the world. If we let them multiculturalize everything there will no longer be other cultures to visit, study, and celebrate their achievements. Instead we will just be a giant, indecipherable slave race with low a IQ and genetically modified DNA from the forced vaccinations. the only ones who will still resemble human beings are the elite of today, the last people humanity should pick for representation. Turn the pyramid upside down, it isn't real anyway, it only exists in the collective conscious and the collective conscious can be changed.

Goal 11 - Arm the people of all cities and settlements so that no tyrants can keep us enslaved any longer, and so that criminals cannot easily prey upon us, and currently remind all of humanity to be eternally vigilant and strike back hard at any attempt to restrict freedom or individuality. Promote the arts and individual thinking. Ban political correctness and encourage people to express themselves for better or worse, that is the price of freedom.

Goal 12 - Decentralize all industry. I guess strength in diversity only counts when you are trying to genocide an entire race like they are currently attempting to do to the white race, just as they have done to many other races in the past. They say that diversity is our strength except when it comes to business, then it can only be the "good 'ol boys club" centralization with no diversity/competition. That needs to stop and a decentralized business structure would stop that.

Goal 13 - Call out climate change for the fraud that it is and if science is found to be maliciously manipulated the "scientists" go to prison as well as their elite funders causing trouble. All forms of criminals should go to prison including elite criminals and especially child molesting elite criminals. Put offenders in a room with the parents of the children that they have been proven to have harmed, killed, and/or sexually abused and let the parents take care of them. JUSTICE! Not "JUST US" anymore!

Goal 14 - Clean the plastic floating "state" in the middle of the pacific. Dump as much resources as needed to stop Fukushima and forbid oil companies to drill for oil or natural gas so our oceans have a chance. The free energy devices can provide us with non-elite controlled power. The Egyptians had it and so did Tesla. Many inventors have been made prototypes since. ALL were barred from going public with their product/invention.

Goal 15 - Stop deforestation and illegal dumping/mining and fracking. Dig up all GMO fields and plant hemp to start the soil regeneration process. Ban all GMOs and give harsh sentences for offenders.

Goal 16 - Abolish freemasonry and all other secret societies. Create justice systems with checks and balances and keep the people involved in the process. Transparency won't be an empty promise/lie from an illegal alien banker puppet installed as president, it will be mandated by law and those that break it will be prosecuted, no "get out of jail free" cards for corporate buddies. You wiped your email server Hillary? What does it matter? That is a criminal act and you go to prison, that is what matters.

Goal 17 - Abolish all illegal trade deals made behind the people's back. Create a people's tribunal that votes on corporate matters instead of a corporate tribunal that votes on people's issues like harmful GMOs, the flagrant use of pesticides, lowering the glyphosate threshold to almost nothing and fine Monsanto and friends if it ever raises no matter the reason, it is their toxic development, let them pay for ALL damages.

Full permission to copy and re-post, you can say it is yours, I don't care and do not need credit, we just need words from US out there IMO. I now it's not perfect and feel free to provide suggestions/edits because if we don't have any goals we will be stuck pursuing THEIR goals which are detrimental to our survival and ability to thrive.


  1. I see that fuku diary has been taken over by trolls:diemos, banana man, nialls, pu many others. I do not know if bill was a troll. he said a lot of things that were really good. i am now quite sure that enenews is inundated by professional trolls . too bad. there is no such thing as radiation hormesis. people have lived longer in the atomic age because of antibiotics period. people died because of à scratch before that. now antibiotics are not working as well and everything is polluted. people do not adapt to radiation exposure period. funny how all the trolls have come out since the nrc recommendation to raise rad limits based on hormesis.. i had to change my screen name on enenews a couple months ago because someone hacked my email ties into my screen name. I got flooded with nasty and threatening emails.

    Now the hillbillyhound dog implies that there is a person in the fbi for every enenewser. great it has gone too far. i will never post there again.
    I know you are genuine stock. All I can say is it is too bad. No more for me. life is too short. There are some very good people on enenews. So sad.

    1. Ya it is sad, the nuke cartel is making a multi billion dollar push to keep their $400B a year industry in profits, regardless of the cost to humans, animals, plants, the world, and the truth.

    2. Any business that doesn't turn a profit should not be in business. Why are you in business? The costs to humans without large scale electrification is evident. It's called the Third World for a reason. You think ALL of Africa, Asia cand find large scale sustainability and compete in the world with wind and solar? Not realistic.

  2. Goal 0 is a nonstarter. You realize nuclear can never be eliminated in its entirety. Ever. Let's start with Hawaii. There are over 100 nuclear reactors in naval vessels in Hawaii. Without these vessels, there is no economy in Hawaii, and thus no reason for your presence. The nuclear navy runs on fuel taken from uranium material from retired nuclear weapons no longer needed by treaty. Nuclear fuel runs research and test reactors at universities and hospitals. Nuclear technology properly and responsibly has extended human life and our standard of living. It's no wonder developing nations are going with nuclear.

    You are on the wrong side. You learned what I have always maintained- that not all radioactive material is dangerous, hence LNT and "no safe dose" is akin to a pre-Copernicus mindset by antinukes.

    The presence of K40 in our bodies is proof that LNT as applied to the "no safe dose" mantra is a canard perpetuated by the antinukes.

    You don't realize that the more you go off grid, the more you support nuclear. It's inevitable.

    Oh and nuclear isn't the big evil menace to life on this planet as you contend. It's just that those at the rat farm have filled your head with this gobbledygook.

    I can deprogram you, but I predict as you peel away the layers, you can save yourself. The most hardened antinuke can and has been converted based on information. There hasn't been an account of the reverse. Even Blundersen isn't entirely antinuke. He is just interested in a paycheck and first class travel.

    1. LOL "deprogram"

      I used to be a pro-nuker. Once you take the red pill you never go back.

    2. The red pill is pro nuclear. You thought you took the red pill but it was placebo.

  3. Goal 1- you realize the antinuclear movement started as an arm for communist activities. In the 70s I used to frequent antinuclear rallies just to get an idea of their mindset and tactics. Communist literature was pervasive at booths and kiosks.

    If you are antinuclear, you give said and comfort to communism.

    So its illogical to be antinuclear and anticommunist in the US. You are livi ng a lie. It was Reagan that broke the Soviet Union and forced them to design RBMKs for dual use production and power reactors. The Soviets invested too much in guns and not butter. When Chernobyl happened, it was because they were pushed to the brink to keep production schedules met.

    You don't know this yet, but my prediction is that as you uncover more and more regarding the relationship between communism and theUS antinuclear movement, you can't love the latter as they enabled the former.

    The Green Party in Europe was formed by those that split from communist and Socialist groups.

    Oppenheimer wasn't a communist. His girlfriend was another story.

  4. Goal 4- get rid of antinuclear propaganda. That means you will have to shut this site down. The irony of your Goal 4 is that all your antinuclear resources- AGR, Fairwinds, etc Ewell its all propaganda meant to perpetuate a great lie and promote ever increasing fear of radiation. This fear of radiation leads to needless stress, abortions, sickness.

    Antinuclear propaganda is a cancer that has a stranglehold on those that feel disenfranchised. When it gets into our leaders, then bad things happen. Case in point there was no need to cancel IFR when it demonstrated actinides could be safely recycled. Actinides recycle removes the need for long term storage of used fuel and dry casking.

  5. A better world starts with each of us. When you incite a closed minded population to hate nuclear proponents, threaten their jobs and families, you are acting no better than the Germans to the Jews mid 20th Century, confirming the ugly side of human nature.

    1. There you played the Hitler card, that means I won.

    2. Hitler got his ideas from California eugenicists who wanted purity. Are you telling me you never flagged a nuclear proponents comments so that the rat farm would remain antinuke? You are closer to Hitler than you think.

    3. Playing the Hitler card, you lost's_law

  6. Goal 14 - the external radiation source term of Fukushima has decayed to a level no greater than spent fuel four years after reactor operations. The notion that radiation intensity at Fukushima today, four years later is the same as 3/11 defies the laws of natural law and physics. The Duke study shows more radioactivity in coal ash than Fukushima on a kg basis. Fact.

  7. Read the Duke study before commenting. The external radiation source term at the Fukushima plant boundary is less than 1 rem per year.

  8. Many have said it. You just were not listening. Conduct your own investigation on the Duke findings. Coal does have uranium and thorium in it. This doesn't change. Coal plants put radioactive particles in the air. This doesn't change. Uranium and thorium decay by alpha emission. This doesnt change.What part of breathing in alpha particles is foreign to you?

    Seems that the straw man can't be knocked down.

    1. One of the lies, being anti nuke is not pro coal. You life has been a waste, you'll be roomates with Oppy


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