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Monday, September 7, 2015

Anti Nuclear One Liners, Tag Lines, and Jingles

stock here--they don't have to rhyme, but they should flow well, limerics also accepted for fun.

Good to see that Fukushima and the 61 pages of death are getting air play across the world, scroll down

CodeShutdown: Ask not what Nuclear can do for you, but what it's done for your oncologist

Dr G:  Nuclear plants are dumb, and nuclear weapons are even dumber.

stock:  Nuclear plants are dumb, but nuclear weapons are just bat shit crazy [sorry Doc, had to try the kicked up version too]

Big Al: It's a HELL of a way to boil water

Oppy: I have become death killer of worlds

Nuke kooks sell hell.
He is a sellout who compares natural body fluid to nuke fallout
"They are radioactive heavy metal super poisons we know full well, so its time to rise up and get mad as hell"
Warning; he is a dangerous man who says 10,000 Hiroshima bombs is no danger. Fukushima = 10,000 atom bombs

Truth is not the friend of nuke
Nuclear: Too Expensive to Shut Down, too Dangerous to Keep Running


  1. I noticed how ENE went down after posting that ABC headline... it's either too many visitors or too much information! But I don't think it's a coincidence!

  2. By the way, maybe you know this, your captcha system doesn't work with Chrome… at least not my Chrome on Mac. I select every image with popcorn, etc, then it gives me some looooong string to copy and paste into some box that doesn't exist. Safari works fine, though. ;) All I have to click is a box for "I'm not a robot."

    1. TY for the feedback, its a blogger platform and a disqus comment system, not sure what to do to fix things.....

  3. A one liner I'll use if I ever get the chance: "The solution to radioactive pollution is piranhas."

    "Wha....? Why?"

    "Add a dozen piranhas to an Olympic swimming pool full of fresh river water (chlorinated tap water might kill the fish). Toss in some kids that have a few bumps and scrapes from normal kid-like activities. Does that huge amount of water make the fish less apt to detect dinner? Does the huge amount of water dull their teeth? Now replace fish with a few buckets full of Fukushima'd (or Hanford'ed) ground water and maybe the danger from the radioactivity, swallowed by the same kids, is easier to understand." - Debby in Abq, NM


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