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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

California Wildfires and the Lies Related to Climate Change / Warming

Yes, we can have climate change, and there is evidence of changing ocean currents, for sure.    But the lie of Global Warming has been going on for 2 decades now.    And they are desperate to bring it to it's conclusion before the wizard is exposed.

The lie of Global Warming has 2 main purposes
1) Transfer of wealth to the already wealthy
2) Implementation of a central control over world governments.    The early roll out of the "new World Order" by Soros met with massive opposition, so instead of calling it that, they (the super rich, Bilderberg and Rothschild types) seek control via law regarding "environment" and "fair trade".

By controlling these main factors of life, they will effectively have massive control over the whole world.    Environment basically morphs into ANYTHING to do with energy.   Wars are fought over energy, it is very important.   And fair trade morphes into just about anything.

A stunning example that combines both just occurred.     India announced that they were going to ramp up their countries solar factories and build out Gigawatts of solar PV.   An international trade organization prevented them from doing so, under the guise of "you have to buy our solar panels and at least give us a fair shot"

This is nothing short of insane for the overall good of the world, but the sociopaths that be care nothing of the little people and their struggles.   As long as not too many slaves die off, the PTB won't even notice a problem. 

On the other hand.....he who evacuates first evacuates best.    

I never procrastinate when it comes to putting things off, but when the time for action is here, get moving!

The catastrophic wildfires burning in California, which killed at least one person over the weekend and injured several others, are being fueled by high temperatures, strong winds and years of withering drought influenced by climate change.

The Valley Fire ignited in drought-stricken Northern California early Saturday afternoon, destroying more than 400 homes and scorching 50,000 acres — an area more than twice the size of Manhattan — within about 12 hours.

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