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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fukushima - Glowing Blue Cucumbers Is Not A Good Sign, and Blue Pigs

In Japan, they call cucumbers "Curies"

Which is amazingly prophetic given this picture of a Glowing Blue Curie

The picture is from Fukushima Diary, which has a chat room too.   In that chat room I also saw a statement of the nuclear industry spending $1.4B annually in "communication" aka propaganda.   I asked the NEI for their audited financials, and they sent me a tax return.    Just that one organization spend $99M a year promoting nuclear.  I'll do a new article on this.

Strontium has a blue color to its emissions.   Strontium is red in a flame test, and the non radioactive type of Sr is used in fireworks to make a red color.

This wild pig is not from Fukushima, it is from Morgan Hills California.
Pigs forage the forest floor, right where radionuclides congregate and bio accumulate.

This is the original post of the pig, with comments

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