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Monday, September 14, 2015

Looking for 2 volunteers to Be On the Front Line of Anti-Nuclear Activism in Chicago. Shut Down Palisades.

Jan Boudart, Rogers Park, Chicago has started a program of directly meeting with Aldermen and discussing the need to get Palisades closed!

Palisades is one of the worst nuclear plants in the USA.     It is past its design life, and has regular leaks of radiation into Lake Michigan.    

Palisades is run by Entergy, they have a record of running old plants and running them poorly.   Its 43 years old.   Entergy bought it for$380M in 2006.    For reference, new nuclear at Vogtle is going to cost $18B or more.

Let's say a new car was $30,000, the proportion that Palisades would sell at is $633 for the Clunker Car.     I think that says a lot.    

It was built by Combustion Engineering

It has a sketchy history of operation, with a horrible lifetime load factor of 67.7%

On top of that, Palisades has an EMBRITTLED reactor vessel.    Some have estimated that in an accident not even as bad as Fukushima, up to $600B of damage in direct economic costs.

If you are in the Chicago area and can help, contact Jan directly, and copy to stock

If you are in the Michigan area, also contact me, and we will figure out a program.


Seeking stellar anti-nukes for educational/political project in Chicago and SW Michigan.

We are meeting with policy-makers to garner support for, and to introduce, a resolution demanding that Palisades PWR in Covert, Michigan be decommissioned this year.
Palisades' pressurized reactor vessel is embrittled and might not withstand an influx of cool water such as would be necessary in an emergency. 

Much younger plants of similar design have been closed because of embrittlement.

Palisades is 44 years into a 40-year projected life (Yeah, NRC gave it a “go”.) and it threatens Lake Michigan, the water supply of 40 million innocents.

Nuke-waste is a huge problem at this plant and the first step in dealing with waste is to stop making it.

Politicians need our input so they will know how important this is.

To help with this project post to or tweet @janboudart.

I can send you good information summaries for Palisades, and perhaps a flyer type of bullet points that can be left for people to review.

Jan Boudart, Rogers Park, Chicago

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