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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

National Academy of Sciences Study of Radiation Around Nuke Plants is Halted by NRC When Preliminary Data Show Excess Cancers

 National Academy of Sciences Study of Radiation Around Nuke Plants is Halted by NRC When Preliminary Data Show Excess Cancers
stock here: amazingly this occurs whilst NRC is pushing through a "docket" to prove that radiation is good for us (hormesis) and allowing 10 to 100 times the radiation to the public.   All in support of a bloated nuclear industry that is dying under its own weight!
The NRC is ceasing work on a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) pilot study (Phase 1 and Phase 2 ) of cancer risks in populations near U.S. nuclear power facilities. The NRC determined that continuing the work was impractical, given the significant amount of time and resources needed and the agency’s current budget constraints.
stock here, from P 26 of the report---
A third report from France showed that children living within 5 kilometers of nuclear plants are twice as likely to develop leukemia compared to those living 20 kilometers or farther away from the plants. 
but then instead of using the actual data, they created a computer model of dose from the self reported releases of the nuclear plant, and they found amazingly that any extra risk of leukemia just "went away".     Wow, this is the playbook of the neo-governmental lying facilities....use models rather than actual data.     
 "However, analysis of the same population of children using a dose-based geographic zoning approach, instead of distance, did not support the findings."   Wow, just wow.
The NRC continues to find U.S. nuclear power plants comply with strict requirements that limit radiation releases from routine operations. The NRC and state agencies regularly analyze environmental samples from near the plants. These analyses show the releases, when they occur, are
too small to cause observable increases in cancer risk near the facilities.
“We’re balancing the desire to provide updated answers on cancer risk with our responsibility to use Congressionally-provided funds
as wisely as possible,” said Brian Sheron, director of the NRC’s
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. 
“The NAS estimates it would be at least the end of the decade
before they would possibly have answers for us, and the costs of completing the study were prohibitively high.

Page 25 of the report (linked above in the article) states
a positive association between living in proximity to a nuclear facility Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States and cancer risk. However, studies have been unable to attribute positive associations to radioactive releases from the facilities.

In other words they are pulling the "you can't prove it argument".     You can't prove it was "our radiation" that did it.  

And after spending significant money on this report that used over 20 pHD level researchers to compile, the NRC just throws in the towel.     They are not fooling anyone.     The NRC is captured and they are doing everything they can to protect a dying industry.    It's criminal.

In 2012 they were talking about launching this study, with San Onofre in  the spotlight.   If they could should little to no effect, they could save San Onofre, maybe even justify leaking steam generators.

Now that San O is shut down, this study is the next casualty in the war of nuclear versus humanity.
Now, in response to growing concerns that using uranium in the production of electrical energy may be dangerous even without accidents, the NRC is trying to decide if it should launch one of the largest epidemiological studies ever conducted to determine if it is a health risk to live near a nuclear facility — such as the San Onofre plant in north San Diego County.
For all the Sham and Corruption in the World, it is still a beautiful place, let's hope the human race wakes up before we exterminate ourselves.    


  1. Thats not what the report says. The NRC ran out of money. I had known about this for awhile. It's now filtering through the media.

    1. Right, but they have an spare $5M kicking around for increased inspection at Pilgrim........uh huh.

  2. Also, those that live near ANY power plant are at risk of cancer from high EMF from high voltage power lines. Oh those confounders...

    1. so Little time, so many lies to add to the one liner list of lies of the nukist

      "it could be something else, so don't blame anything on the radiation"

  3. the nrc is flush c cash troll. how much do you and aunavoz get paid?

    1. Hey michael mann aka lonney nuke government and industrial paid shill. nrc and its cronies sure have enough money to pay you. you too are in the rat farm. we all are. we are all nuclear guinea pig test rats in the nrc and nuclear power test cage whether we like it or not. i see your nuclear dementia is getting worse. you must have too much tritium in your water their in washington dc from indian point pilgrim lake anna. all the fuku


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