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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Now the Medical Industry is Pushing Radioactive Lead as Medical Treatment

stock here: Doesn't this seem a bit on the medieval side?

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.   Lead itself is horrible for humans, then make it an Alpha radiation emitter.    

I think their mantra and legal requirement to "do no harm" is not being met.

They pimp this out as "little damage to adjacent tissues because it is an Alpha emitter"
But they fail to point out that both of its daughter products are strong Beta emitters, which require special shielding during production and  operation....but no problem with putting it inside someones body.    Sheesh, the mind boggles.

Areva Med, the subsidiary of French engineering company Areva for the development of cancer treatments, has begun construction of its second lead-212 production facility.
Areva Med new US lead-212 facility - 460
An artist's impression of how the new DDPU unit will look (Image: Areva Med)

Known as DDPU (Domestic Distribution and Purification Unit), the Plano, Texas-based facility will become Areva Med's headquarters in the USA. It will also host the laboratories and offices of its subsidiary, Macrocyclics, which designs and manufactures chelating agents and chemicals for nuclear medicine.


  1. how bloody stupid and sickening can people be

    1. Ya just because we can doesnt mean we should.

  2. just take a huge radioactive shit all over everyone and everything. any one who works there is screwed. there will be a trail of radioctive shit between manufacturing shitholes. there will be bloody radioactive waste everywhere. a lot of it will go to landfills. idiots will try to steal the shit. people will track it home to their families. bloody cartloads of the shit will slip out of the back of transport trucks and break on freeways and none of the assholes will give a damn theyll just leave it will contaminate the crap out of cargo holds on trains and ships it is shipped with cause they dont give a damn. it will be in local dumps water supplies and sewers. how awful, stupid ,self destructive, totally insane can the evil crazy nucleoapes be? the bloody assholes at arava in us govt should be forced to work there doing hands on separtation of radioisotopes with no protective gear and bring the waste products home with them to store in their refridgerators and bedrooms.. rip karen silkwood


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