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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nuclear is Dying, Solar is Flying

A number of really excellent commentors have joined the discussion about nuclear.

The paid pro nuke trolls (nuke industry dedicates $1.4B this year for "communication") put up inane comments, and then good people tear them apart.

And the pronukers have a Kumbaya team that goes around and up votes them.   Sheesh.

troll says

So far, nuclear energy has been the fastest, most efficient way to displace fossil fuels.

You keep saying that as if repeating it would make it true. Show some references.

Do you even know what solar and wind growth rates are?

Both wind and solar have growth rates far above nuclear for periods of a decade or more. Nuclear never grew at more than mid to low teens for a decade globally, but both wind and solar grew in the 20 plus percent compound annual growth.
But lets just look at what renewables have done since 2000 vs nuclear.

2000 : nuclear 2640 TWh / renewables 2860 TWh
2011 : nuclear 2520 TWh / renewables 4540 TWh
2018 : nuclear 2900 TWh / renewables 6850 TWh
Source : IAEA and IEA


  1. Please give a citation to evidence about the nuclear industry spending $1.4 billion per year for communications.

  2. Please send that evidence to


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