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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Radiation Education: How Fission Works, and Fission Products

Fission, either through power reactors or nuclear bombs cannot create K40 Potassium.

Fission is a breaking of atom, into 2 pieces, with the release of energy.

So all the K40 Radioactive Potassium in the Oceans is from a primordial source, perhaps the "big bang", or just God if you wish.  

Ocean critters have been swimming and reproducing in 11,800 Bq/M3 and slightly higher for hundreds of millions of years.   Some in the turtle family sit on the bottom often, and live for 300 years.

And things seems to work out fine in the Kenny Boy "Radioactive Ocean"

There are attacks on the ocean from many directions.    Chemicals, Acoustic, pH (acidity), Mining, Over Fishing.   The "blob" being 1 deg F higher seems kind of like a joke to me.

But "we" just recently blasted 400,000 pounds of radiation and heavy metals into the ocean via Fukushima, and NO US GOVERNMENT FUNDING is researching this?       And 1500 plus days of minimal 300 tons of radioactive water, admittedly leaking into the ocean from the underground river that the Fukushima plant was built on....and no one is researching this?

HINT: it is not Domoic Acid that is doing most of the dying sea life in, only 1 or 2% is Domoic acid.

Review and ask any questions

Geek alert  -- this is kind of important, BECAUSE it creates a problem for the nuclear industry, and especially for used fuel "processing".     This three way fission produces a lot more tritium in reactors than was predicted....another problem for the power reactor "people".

For those that want to dive down the rabbit hole even further, there is another type of fission called
ternary fission, which simply means "three way fission"

This is still a pretty vague science, with a 100% uncertainty on how often it happens, but it is small.....either .2% up to .4%.       So pretty much ANY molecular weight products can be created when this happens, but for the most part the larger fragments still follow the same double hump "guide".

But in reality 90% of the small fragments are Helium 4
and 7% are triton (tritium)
much of the rest is Helium 6 which almost immediately turns into Lithium 6

Cross-section data for 33 nuclides have been obtained radiochemically and used to construct a mass-yield curve for the fission of U238 induced by 31-MeV He3 ions. The mass range studied was 24A212 and the yields varied over seven orders of magnitude. The data for Na24, Mg28, Si31, S38, Ca47, Au199, Pb209, and Pb212 confirm the existence of ternary fission in compound-nuclear processes at intermediate energies, as previously reported from these laboratories. These data also establish the transition region between ternary and highly asymmetric binary processes at A45. Recoil-range data indicate some small but significant differences between He3- and He4-induced ternary fission. On the assumption that there is a peak in the ternary mass-yield curve at A24, the total ternary-fission cross section for 31-MeV He3 ions on U238 is ∼3.3×1030 cm2, and σternaryσbinary4.4×106.


  1. Actually the double hump curve only applies to binary fission. There is also a likelihood of ternary fission, where light isotopes such as hydrogen all the way up can be a fission fragment. So its entirely plausible K40 can be a product from ternary fission. Isn't Atomic physics intriguing? Just when you thought you've been gyped, the bearded lady comes and does a double back flup. So says John Hiatt.

    1. Actually the small fragment doesn't go "all the way up" but stops at around 16 or 18 from memory.

      One of the main products is tritium, so another reason to stop using nuclear reactors.

    2. Also the larger particles still follow the double hump, but as more of a guide with allowance for fast and loose outcomes.

    3. You can't school me boy. I'm the PhD in this subject matter. Look at the binding energy per nucleon curve. Fission and fission products is an entirely probabilistic process. Read Foderaro The Elements of Nuclear Interaction Theory if you want to get a big boy background. You aren't there. Probably never will get there.

    4. Yo Academic, you best refresh your schooling, just because something is probabilistic does not mean that every possible outcome is actually possible.

      My statements above are fact. Just because a ternary splits off a small fragment, doesn't mean that other two fragments are going to be bat shit random, and they are not, they follow a double hump, thus contradicting your original statement of "the double hump only applies to binary fission"

      The problem with academics, and even worse, academic nukists, is they cannot admit when they are wrong. Getting a pHD is when they hand you a diploma and then scoop out half your gray matter, especially the common sense.

  2. stock,

    please post a reminder everywhere and tweet everywhere. deadline is now November 19th? according to this deadline is November 19th:

    HOWEVER, this still says September 8th!documentDetail;D=NRC-2015-0057-0010

    whats up with that?

    either way, pls tweet every day and remind enenewsers every day - thanx


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