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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Reflections on Death of the Pacific, and KAT's 61 Page Report of Article Summaries on Same

Fukushima is not your run of the mill nuclear accident.

Instead of a wakeup call for many, it's a coverup call for the corporate interests that be.

Yet we shall try to inform-----------

Kelly Ann Thomas compiled a list of headlines since 2011 detailing the ongoing death of the Pacific. Its 61 pages long.

I posted it as an article for ease of tweeting, FB sharing and the like, Kelly Ann has it on her FB page also.

I put the Kelly Ann Tomas KAT Post here
Dick Shenary had this to say

Most of us for most of our lives have held the belief that the primary responsibility of our government is to protect the welfare of American citizens. We assume this includes our well-being and health. 

During the last thirty-five years this concept has changed as the government became much more interested in protecting the economy and large corporations. Our trade agreements have benefited big business at the expense of the middle class. Manufacturing in this country is disappearing and so is the once vibrant middle class. 

The energy sector including oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power have been protected and subsidized. The US military primarily fights to protect these gigantic corporations so that we have access to “our oil under their sand”. Nuclear power has been heavily protected with ever increasing loan guarantees and the infamous Price Anderson insurance limits. 

Do you really think that the government would step off that speeding train and be honest with west coast citizens as to the peril they now face completely on their own? Not a chance. In support of the erroneous concept of dilution is the solution, Woods Hole continues to count Becquerels in ocean water when what is really needed is to test for contamination in plankton, kelp and fish. 

All life forms have adapted quite well to most external radiation whether natural or to a certain extent man-made. Where we get into trouble is with internal contamination from food, water, and air. A single hot particle inhaled or ingested can create enormous health problems. A good example of this difference is the airline industry. 

Pilots and cabin crew spend a lot of time at high altitude and are regularly exposed to CPMs greater than 1,000. Most of this exposure is gamma and x-ray. There probably are some deleterious effects but for the most part airline employees are not dropping like flies – no pun intended. 

Let us examine the other side of the coin. If the government were to examine the effects of internal contamination and publish their actual results, the fishing industry would collapse, followed by the surfing and tourist industries. Who would buy an ocean front home on the edge of a dying ocean? 

The impact to the national economy would be devastating. What corporation such as GE or Toshiba/Westinghouse who’s poorly designed reactors led to this disaster will step forward to accept financial responsibility? So the scientific confusion and deception continues. 

After all they have been telling us for sixty three years how SAFE this technology has been while concealing ongoing radiation leaks and meltdowns. All of the above may happen regardless of what the government wants but right now normalcy bias rules. 

The few humans who are concerned are labeled as conspiracy nuts and our mental health is questioned. I am sure most of us have faced this normalcy bias with family, friends and coworkers. Remember - All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. (A. Schopenhauer)

Thanks Stephen - aka Dick Shenary
stock here: Strontium got out, lots of it!

Jebus, another important thing. In normal meltdowns, strontium is not as volatile as Cesium, it doesn't out of the corium so easy.
So if the corium is at the bottom of reactor vessel, the strontium will not get out like the cesium.
Cesium and strontium are about the same quantities in used fuel. So strontium is not focused on
1) because most of it stays in the reactor vessel
2) its just too damn scary for authorities to talk about
HOWEVER, when corium burns on concrete, as happened at Fuku, almost all of the strontium gets out.
My estimates are that in the wild, strontium is about 100 time more dangerous than cesium.
Just a perspective on things.

Some people are surprised there are 12 Bq/Liter in sea water Potassium K40.

But the "low level" waste that they put into WIPP mine dump, is allowed up to 7 curies per liter. A curie is a very large number.

Per the former WIPP lab manager, James Conca, they have stuff in WIPP way hotter than anything at Hanford, 7 Curies per liter. That is enough to bring 1,000,000,000 Costco size chickens up to 200 Bq/lb. – See more at:

A curie is 37 bIllion Bq.

So 1 Liter is 259,000,000,000 Bq/Liter.

Compare that to seawater at 12 Bq/liter K40



  1. You confuse terms- radiation, radioactivity, radiation contamination are all mish mashed. Its difficult to envision a billion chickens getting dosed equally. Im thinking you could hang them over a big source in some sort of moving conveyor systems Then again rounding up a billion chickens in one very desolate area is problematic. It shouldn't worry you about the source term on site. The workers are very well protected. They have a Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) that prety much limits offsite dose at the site boundary during an accident to 10mSv total integrated dose which is federal law. So even if a billion chickens lined up at the perimeter fence (you'd be stacking chickens a mile high) its very difficult to get 2 Bq/kg for any one chicken. Which means you can go to Chik fila for lunch and eat it at tge site boundary whike things go to hell and a handbasket. But I dont think there is a Chik fila in Carlsbad NM.

    1. We just put it in their drinking water....or the aquifers nearby WIPP, or let is come up in a fracking fluid so the prarie chickens can nibble the grasses.

      See this stuff is simpler than you guys make it out to be. LOL Have a nice labor day weekend.

    2. Its not rocket science sure, and the proper use of spreadsheet analysis will get your billion chicken estimate a little more realistic....dont say I never gave you anything. Just remember, proper use of this tool might give you a result you won't like.

  2. Hey stock I love that ypu posted kellys compilation. The troll from enenews aunavoz tried to quash kellys spirit but the pheonix has risen! kudos to kelly. Have not heard from grant write a while hope he she ok. Enenews has also talked about cognitive effects of fuku pollution. Majia just did an article on decreased sat scores among students in us. I replied with much of the info below. The us government will never admit that nuclear pollution causes autism and ther probs just like it did not with TEL. I love ni from enenew and his GMI. I really think you should write a new article on it in light of majias article.

    There have been several studies linking tetraethyl lead to decreases and cognition and violence in the 20 the century. TEL was burned in gasoline and was ubiquitous in big cities in developed countries from 1930 to 1996..

    Lead is a heavy metal and when it is attached to tetraethyl it goes to the brain and causes brain damage.

    Uranium, plutonium and transuranic radioactive elements are heavy metals. If they are inhaled they can go to the brain and cause brain damage. If they are converted to organic molecules in nature, like methyl mercury they will act like teraethyl lead in the brain. If they are inhaled they get into the blood, bones and organs. They constantly impair enzyme systems in the brain that effect cognition like lead and mercury.
    Uranium is all over in the united states and mideast from du, uranium, mines, fuku etc. Transuranic metals did not exist before the atomic age.

    It is good that the tetraethyl lead research came out because it was an indepth review of serious neurotoxic pollutants cognitive effects on society and violence
    Most data and facts concerning nuclear pollution is taboo due to nuclear industry and military clamp downs on the media in the west.
    Heavy metals, radionucleides, and atomic industry wastes from uranium mining , bomb explosions, and nuclear energy waste started and have gone up exponentially since 1945. Similar cognitive effects to teraethyl lead could probably be extrapolated to atomic age heavy metals and other radionucleides that also have mutagenic properties.

    I read a letter to the editor in the 80s, in a small town newspaper about a high school teacher lamenting the decline in academic quality of high school kids born post 1956 in his area of the us. That area was a down winder area that had a significant exposure to the open air bomb testing in nevada in the mid fifties and early sixties.

    1. Now look at this loose nuke , michael mann pronuke troll here stock Prime example ofGMI. Been going on for years. Getting worse with things like fuku. this ln troll probably has been around a few reactors has organic brain damage from too much uranium in its body. too much exposure to gamma and beta radiation. I think you ought to go get a brain ct scan loose nuke you probably have a nuclear induced tumor in your brain. maybe some other cancer. radiation therapy would be good for a guy like you

  3. Replies
    1. It is not over yet. When things look the bleakest, disgust sets in, and then change happens. joust these fuckers.


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