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Monday, September 21, 2015

San Onofre Operators Exposed on NBC For Massive Contamination at Pristine Beach

Explosive report on radioactive
waste handling at San Onofre
to air on NBC tonight.

High radiation levels endangered employees

Get an advance link to the story HERE. ( ) 

San Diego's NBC affiliate is unleashing a story on nuclear waste
deposited by Southern California Edison Corporation that may explain
why the pristine State Beach is referred to in internal memos as
"Jap Mesa."  

Apparently the Geiger counter readings at some locations are so 
high that the site is reminiscent of Ground Zero at Hiroshima and

Key findings  include...

- Attempts to keep documents on toxic radiation a secret.
  According to the NBC report, SCE is attempting to keep radioactive
  pollution a secret by forcing parties who are involved in negotiations 
  about the future of the property to sign non-disclosure agreements.

- Radioactive debris left on Beach and "Jap Mesa."
  "Hundreds of pieces" of contaminated radioactive equipment was
   stored on both sides of the I-5, the heavily traveled freeway that
   bisects the San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump that is currently
   under construction, 

- Radiation levels at the beach-front property so alarming,
  that in places inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  refused to to perform routine radiation surveys. 

- Southern California Edison controlled NRC radiation inspections
   According to a former SCE Safety Officer, Edison's cozy relationship
   with inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission prevented
   proper inspections. The former employee revealed that NRC inspectors
   rarely conducted inspections outside areas that were identified by SEC.

- Trailers housing SCE employees had elevated readings
   In an apparently rare incident where an NRC inspector conducted
   radioactive testing without SCE's supervision, a trailer housing 
   security guards had elevated readings. 

- Calls for Third-Party Investigations
   Former San Onofre employee and Safety Officer Vinod Arora is
   calling on an independent third-party to thoroughly inspect the
   tainted 25-acre parcel at San Onofre. 


  1. Of course its all hysteria poised to inflame emotions so that SCE would not get every penny owed to them by negotiating the politically correct shutdown.

    1. They lied about like for like, AND also failed. They should be bankrupted and jailed.

    2. Oh, but what about the facts....wouldn't you like to know more about the facts?

  2. Maybe captd will jump in. The crap is really getting thick here stock. San onefre nearly melted down because of ill fit generator. The corruption lies and obfuscation continue. Nuclear power is by far the largest human criminal enterprise in history. It makes the mafia look like toe jam.

    1. These crimes against humanity deserve more than an NRC tongue lashing.



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