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Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse In Pictures

My main goal yesterday was to get my telescope fully commissioned, dialed in to polar north, and able to find objects on it's own.     The manuals are horrendously bad, they leave out the most important information and assume you know things that no one but a scope geek would know.

And I was very pleased to actually get it to work.   It's a Celestron C8-SGT, an 8" light collection mirror with a computerized mount, Google it.     Here are some pictures of what others are able to do with this scope.  

I do not yet have a camera mount adapter for the scope, and taking pictures of far away nebula's requires some special skills as the mount must perfectly track the object, whilst shooting 1000 pictures, which are then melded together by a computer process.    That's advanced, and I hope to "be there" by next summer.

For now, just making the scope function was a huge milestone.

The pictures are all from my Canon EOS Rebel Xsi, either using a 600MM fixed zoom on bean bag support (the zoom lens weighs 4 kG, so you can't just "hang" it off the camera T mount or you could damage the camera or lens or both).....the lens itself needs a tripod attachment which I don't have, or using a 55 to 250mm Canon lens on tripod.    Many of the pictures during eclipse were exposed from 10 to 20 seconds, and the moon actually moves during that period.

"Next time" I will be better prepared, LOL, in 18 years.



  1. Hi Stock, have you been following crrow777 on YouTube? Is filming energy waves on the lunar surface. Like a screen 'refresh' pulse...very interesting.
    Omniversling ENE

    1. never saw before, but now I am a subscriber, TY!

  2. The blood moons are forboding.The people in power and their middle classes are enamored with themselves. There are not socialists and capitalists. There are only money driven or military driven nuclear nations and non nuclear nations. The nuclear nations are all headed for the same fate as Japan and the Ukraine. They are one nuclearr accident awy from becoming anarchic mince meat like the ukraine or the walking dead like japan. Then there are places like kazakstan and belurus that are so saturated with nuclear waste they are already dead.

    1. Ya that moon was quite the spectacle. I can imagine what some old Indians in year 800 thought, or if any astronomer could predict it....what lies they could tell the people.


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