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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Alpha Radiation Decay Graphic

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Alpha doesn't fly far in air.    So it is unlikely to do damage, until it gets into your body. 

Then it is like an MMA fighter giving you body shots.


  1. Its true. You almost have to be right on top of a source and have a considerable emission rate to see any alpha dose.

  2. there are other
    alpha emitters - besides PU

    Unfortunately PU is an attention getter
    but in the short term there are many other contaminates that are much more deadly

    of course the decay chains of the daughters release much more than is discussed

    long term
    the future looks very bleak
    i can not imagine a solution that the mortals could implement to prevent what is already going to take place

    no matter
    the out pouring of radiation / contamination from japan MUST be stopped to reduce
    the severity of what is going to happen

    talking and typing is not going to be enough


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