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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another UME Unexplained Mortality Event--Officials Ask for Public Help ---Seriously?

Stock here: radiation not considered

Kachemak sea otter deaths under investigation; Authorities seek public’s help

“And so I was able to get to one of them down below the rock wall along the spit road and that individual is in very bad shape,” Webber said. “It is in a somewhat depleted condition, but demonstrating something we’ve also seen a little bit of which is a set of neurological conditions where it was twitching.”

“Most recently what we’ve seen more of is animals in a healthier condition that seem to have been taking care of themselves well but have died acutely and that has become more common in the ones that we’ve been seeing in the last couple of months,” Goertz said said.

“Something is hitting them harder and faster, in addition to the disease that we’re familiar with seeing, something else seems to be involved,” Webber said. “That’s just speculation, we don’t have any evidence yet, but that’s what we’re seeing on the beach.”
Officials with the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alaska Sea Life Center say they’re waiting for lab tests to get back in the next few weeks.
 Oh and this....they blame on "climate factors" berry harvests.....

This year and last year, there were no blueberries; there were no low bush cranberries.  And this year, there were a lot of low bush cranberries, so we got quite a bit of those,” says Beasley.
It turns out that Freda’s not alone when it comes to fruitless searches for blueberries recently.
“Almost 50 percent of the people that responded said [blueberries] had become more variable – there were bigger swings from one year to the next.  That’s a fairly strong response.  The number of people that responded that berries had become more variable was almost twice as high as any other response.  So it suggests that, yeah, something may be going on there,” according to Research Wildlife Biologist Jerry Hupp with the U.S. Geologic Survey in Anchorage – one of the authors of the study.
 stock here: Alaska was BLASTED with radiation from Fukushima, as much from 2000 miles away as from 3 direct atomic bomb explosions. 

Checkout this story, confirming the Alaska allegation above.

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