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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Effective Action, Or Wasting Our Time. Stock Out

I have put quite some time into this effort, this effort to eliminate civilian nuclear power plants.  

Some of my buddies in my Bachelor of Science, and especially my Masters of Science programs have giving me quite a bit of grief regarding my decision on my this decade take on how the nuclear industry has been implemented.    Seriously, even to the point of losing friends.

Once indoctrinated into the sanctum of science, many believe that science is the fix for everything, that science cannot do more damage than good.

They are wrong.

That said, I feel that much of my efforts have not motivated people to take effective action, and that is very disappointing.    I am not doing this to hear myself speak.

However, I have a litmus test, and it is one that must be completed by next Monday.

If I see here posted, 25 comments from people who posted to the NRC on the "Hormesis Hobgoblin" or the EPA boondoggle, then I shall resume.

It seems like a proper documentation and explanation of what is going on should harness 20,000,000 responses.....but I will settle for 25.  

If I can't get 25 comments here or to my direct email, I am done, waste of time.

$1.4B of nuclear propaganda is too strong, if I can't see 25 responses.  I won't fight a losing battle no matter how right it is.    You got game? Show it now, or stop coming here for a moral " I knew it".   We don't need you if all you got it a "told you so, things are effed up".

stock out. 

stock, first let me thank you, your hard work is appreciated.

Second, yes, there are a handful of Enenewsers stuck at Enenews, but it's really just a handful…because MOST Enenewsers work really hard OUTSIDE of Enenews to spread the word.
There are so many examples of Enenewsers who have branched out and who work countless hours and are doing amazing things.

I don't want to leave anyone out but here's just a sampling of the great work being done by Enewsers—>

Look at
your blog,
Doc's blog,
Dennis Riches' blogs,
vital1's website,
Michael VanB's website,
majia's book on Fukushima + blog,
Radchick with her work on mutations + the Wigner effect + doing interviews + writing for climateviewer,
Libbe HaLevy and her great interviews at NuclearHotseat,
arclight with his radioshow and writing for nuclearnews,
Joy at Daily Kos,
Lucas with Enformable,
Lonnie Clark reading anti-nuc books on youtube and hosting a radio show 3 days a week,
Mimi of Radcast,
the Fukushima Hounds,
chemfood making cards/flyers,
some really active tweeters like bo + Obvious +
Obvious oversees caferadlab website and is very active on Reddit,
and a LOT of Enenewsers contribute to
NETC and
Onotological and his great work,
all of the selfless Cam watchers,
or-wells and
Gasser's literary work,
poordaddy + his Fukushima songs,
Kevin Blanch traveling the world,
Dana traveling the oceans…so many more!


stock here:
Adding Majia to the list


  1. I see you may be coming to your senses. You will never eliminate civilian nuclear power because world wide its a juggernaut. Fukushima couldn't even bring it down. Ill clue you in: The modern world requires a massive footprint of energy in the least amount of real estate. That will never change and only get bigger as our appetite for more information increases When mankind eventually jacks themselves directly to the web then we wont require massive energy because we will be the power source.

    1. Stupid arse troll. All of our energy needs can be created on existing rooftops, even only 22% of the rooftop space.

      Humans are shitty batteries, 7 billion humans only make as much heat as 400 nuke plants.

      LOL nukist proclaims "plug into the matrix"

  2. Its too bad stock. It is like the the story of the little red hen. The loose nuke creep is pretty strange. So many evil people in this world.

  3. I commented on the NRC hormesis comments... I have tried commenting on your blog before and I believe it is Broken as i have never seen one of my comments stay around after 'publish' is clicked...

    1. Others have complained about the comment system here, I don't understand it and don't have the time to get into it.

      My goal was to migrate everything to Wordpress, again, takes time.

  4. My family has been destroyed by cancer, grandmas, aunts, my mother, sister... we live in Kansas and are literally a few miles from a Superfund site in Jackson County.. it was the landfill there. now its been 'remediated' ... quit or dont quit, imagine for a moment that the >600,000 page views you have resulted in an even modest 1% 'eye opener' rate. You have given 6000 people (an army) something to talk about. To say hey this may not be right. if they can all get even 1 person out of their thousands of contacts yearly to say 'What?!' too, well then you can see its not empty effort. Beware your own sense of failure. and with shitty trolling like loose nukes you dont even have any real arguments diluting your articles... electronic martyrs dont get the same play as real ones. Thanks for the humanity here.

    1. That counter is wrong. Another hidden one I use, which can also track IP numbers (to idientify trolls from Oak Ridge for instance, and to allow banning of IP's) shows a bit over 3,000,000. I also see some articles get linked at "beforeitsnews" and get 3000 hits in a day and somehow, Google (aka blogger) does not recognize them at ignores what it considers is "competition"

      But we need 2 Million people full red pill enabled.

    2. Many family has been affected by cancer as well. The difference is im not running down the street shouting its because of nuclear and nothing else. No evidence.

    3. Loose, that is your last comment.

      You have not weighed in on hormesis as requested and required. This is my house...i make the rules.

    4. My take on hormesis is that it's one model like LNT thats Iit. LNT says the only way not to get cancer is not to get a dose. Thats a philosophic argument. Frankly everyone knows to stay dry stay out of the rain but there are an infinite number of ways to get drenched. My take on the hormesis model is that a little bit wet is good. Radiation effects are not necessarily linear in dose at levels too low to measure and discern. Many of your TATAL disciples fail to understand that thousands of DNA strands are broken every day and our natural immunity mechanisms handle them nicely. You cant tell me that Gofman, Petkau et al managed to isolate a single radioactive particlexabd showed a definitive cancer from it. My god we are complex living beings, not some isolated cells in a petri dish. Use some common sense. Now regarding why antinukes dislike hormesis as a model makes no sense to me because if LNT is on the table as the default, then no models should be excluded unless proven wrong. Tour losing argument is to put forth bafflegab and then tell people to prove you wrong. That doesnt prove your argument. The onus is on you to prove your position right beyond a shadow of doubt. You need to look up epistemic uncertainty. The unknown unknowns are what sinks your case. Hormesis ib any natural process is self evident. You seem to selectively dismiss it for radiation. Radiation is a fact of life. Natural or manmade its still the same physics. I love when the rat farmers say K40 natural is different than K40 man-made. Anyone who thinks do hasn't viewed the KAPL chart of the nuclides. Hormesis isnt a straw man. Its basically out there to counter those supra linear fanatics.

    5. Sorry for thr misspelled words. Its early and I am just getting up. This jet set nukists is going home.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Stock - try four plus years - you'll get beyond that "wall"

  6. We are making headway - the financial situation is more clear to more people who have some influence, the hormesis lie is more exposed (which helped expose), more legislators and news agencies are paying attention, more leaders on other nations are paying attention...

    what needs to happen is a massive effort in legal actions against the colluding health and environmental law violating agencies... don't give up - shift if you have to, but don't give up.

  7. Let me point something out, the secret squirrel world doesn't want their secrets exposed or failures leaked. I myself have been fighting corruption for 15 years, not a profitable life (I was offered money of the wrong kind and refused it) but just the same it was the right thing to do. We do this out of passion and to help mankind. I believe there are only 1% of us who really fight, welcome to that 1%. Not many can stomach it and\or take it, easy to fold the tent. Unlike you I have hardly any comments on my sites, all have to be reviewed before posting, people don't like that. I mean I don't even have a troll! You do and with that Stock it shows your impact and your site is one of the best out here, what you don't see or feel that? Well I do and you will never see me on some Alice site.

  8. You are doing a good service to humanity please don't stop. If you only changed one persons mind about nuclear power and they did contact NRC about shutting down nuclear power then you have succeeded. Sometimes it is a death by a 1000 cuts instead of one shot to the head.

    1. I'll be back in some form or function, more effective.

  9. I'm not so active on Reddit anymore, bunch of nuke trolls there who do the same stuff trolls on twitter do.

    1. I see, well it was a good try. We need to find different things that are more effective. Producing some youtube's might be good, something that people can consume on their mobile device, say while driving or bussing to work.

  10. The one thing I do like about this troll is that he is filled with impotency. Impotent arguments, all sorts of strange references to rats...bah its been funny. So long and thanks for all the fish!

  11. This is whats coming stock. Reset. I wish there were enough people mobilized to stop any further subsidizations of nuclear shite after reset occurs

    1. Ya, it doesn't look good. The sociopaths that are attracted to nuclear and government actually do better than the "NT" Neurotypical (borrowing a phrase from the aspergers crew) i.e. normal people when under high stress events in which emotions related to actually caring about others, empathy, and guilt related to doing "what must be done" or what "couldn't be done:" drag down the normal man, whilst the sociopath can pretty much happily whistle past other's graveyards.

      That gives them an edge when it is time for "let no crisis go to waste"

  12. Its lookin like even short term survivability is coming into question with fuku and major nuclear waste fires.

  13. With all the nukes in the world it's not if it's when another one or more "blow up".

    1. Yes, my take is that we get 2 or 3 more Fukushima's and we are all toast in a not so dragged out manner.

  14. We will miss you sorely stock. i do not understand what goes on at enenews. a good story just published. your ground breaking story about jeremy rifkin and the nonviable econ of nuke was published on dr caldicotts site. many are very proud of you stock

    1. I just get no hits from enenews. People just want to bitch and talk non-sense over there.

      Even some "good ones" jump on conspiracy theories and then spout about them endlessly without doing any independent research to vet the ideas.

      SHITE at least make fact based decision, opinions based on opinions are not even opinions.

      I hope some evil sociopathic influences don't take over on that site.

    [Take a breather]

    1. Aiyaiyai....Fitzpatrick dies on my "last day", drawing me back in.

      perfect timing, lol


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