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Friday, October 30, 2015

Entergy Prepping to Shut Down Fitzpatrick Nuclear, Another Nuclear Plant Losing Money

We could have a happy Monday.   Entergy is already shutting down Pilgrim, now they may shut down Fitzpatrick, and possibly Indian Point. 

Shutting them down is better than fleecing ratepayers with huge increases.   Sometime Entergy threatens to leave a market and gets a huge increase is rates, this one is 31% over 4 years.    That will kill people on fixed incomes.

In general nuclear plants need to give local grid operators/governments 6 month notice prior to shutting down.

They also need months to procure and deliver fuel, and to set up the 1000 or so "migrant workers" needed for a refueling/outage.

And in general, they care about their employees as they do not want bad street cred in their industry, meaning the want to give people maximum notice to transmition, find a new job.

ODDLY Entergy also announces 3rd quarter earnings on Monday.   The said they would make a decision regarding closing Fitzpatrick or not over the weekend.

Interesting timing.    They also set up a special 800 number that employees could call in to see if they had a job.   Huh?    You want to employees to be calling in at unspecified times throughout the weekend to have a computer record tell them "You're Fired!".   

I mean, if it can't wait until Monday to announce at work, just send an email?   Why the drama?   Seems like a lot of work to set up a special 800 number for that purpose.

Could be part of an overall game, they are playing chicken with Cuomo, who wants Indian point shut down, but Fitzpatrick to remain open.     Grid supply could be touchy with 2 shutting down in same time frame.

The NRC has requirements for "financial qualification" to run a nuke plant


  1. Quad Cities and Byron remain economically challenged.

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