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Saturday, October 17, 2015

EPA Hiding and Downplaying Important Radiation Data in USA

Summary from pinksailmatt, who lives in Cotvallis Oregon, and is exposing the lies and coverups of the EPA.    Gina McCarthy was an assistnat at EPA who was in charge of shutting down the radnet sites after Fukushima.    She was rewarded with the top position at the EPA.    She is an antropolgist, not a real scientist.

She was unable to even ballpark the percent amount of CO2 in the atmosphere when questioned by Congress,  yet she is spearheading 100's of Billions in cost to "fight CO2"

Honolulu Hawaii – Gamma Only
Anchorage Alaska – Beta & Gamma
Fairbanks Alaska – Beta & Gamma
Juneau Alaska – Gamma Only
Olympia Washington – Beta & Gamma
Richland Washington – Gamma Only
Seattle Washington – Gamma Only
Spokane Washington – Gamma Only
Portland Oregon – Gamma Only
Corvallis Oregon – Beta & Gamma
Anaheim California – Beta & Gamma
Bakersfield California – Gamma Only
Eureka California – Gamma Only
Fresno California – Gamma Only
L.A. California – Gamma Only
Riverside California – Gamma Only
Sacramento California – Gamma Only
San Bernardino California – Beta & Gamma
San Diego California – Offline…No Data
San Francisco California – Gamma Only
San Jose California – Gamma Only

Here is where you get the data from:

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