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Friday, October 30, 2015

Fukushima Reactor 3 Now and Sooty Ice Still Not Melting As Fast as They Thought, Maybe Even Growing

Reactor 3, the vertical "covers" look a lot like just a visual barrier, seems odd.

You can also see the equipment pool reaching all the way to the outside wall.

Why don't they just lift up the cap and peer in there with a camera?

Meltout through bottom of reactor, corium steaming away in water, layer of steam bubbles surrounding it.

Hydrogen explosion in main building, compressing steam bubbles to liquid, that creates the sharp increase in reactivity necessary to trigger the Prompt Moderated Criticality.

There, fixed it. Also keep in mind, they spend 10s or even 100's of million to cover things up with visual screens just so we can't see them….what else would they do on an agenda?

Further discussion at bottom
Ice in Greenland, look at how sooty it is, looks like snow after 10 meltdowns in a big city it's so dirty.

Some say Greenlands ice is increasing last 4 years, others say it's not melting as quick as they thought.

With all that soot, I would think soot would be a huge cause of melting
Hmmmm, seems like plague and radiation are correlated quite well
Overhead view of reactor ruins:

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