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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fukushima Worker 40YO Dying of Leukemia, Gets 2/3 Salary as a Payout

The headlines are "Fukushima worker to get cancer compensation" He is like 40 YO and has acute leukemia. You might think they give him $2M or so. incorrect, all they are giving him is workers compensation, they same as if a construction worker got a bad back and couldn't lift any more. In USA it is about 2/3 of your prior wage, usually enough that you can barely survive. Talk about insult to injury. But at least it is an admission. But poor guy ------------------------------------------------------------------ Same day they supposedly got a look into reactor 3, why did that take that long???????? Hmmm a first look into Fuku 3, they say there is 6.8M of water in there, if you believe them So that would mean no melt through. Then they stirred up some dust and say "can't see the bottom because of dust". Methinks that core was in the atmosphere, not at the bottom of the vessel.


  1. You know, the Western media has spun this to link Fukushima to cancer. No such link has been proven. This is a workmans comp issue from a 40 year statute. Its antinukes at the rat farm that jump to this false conclusion. John Ferrell the manager of the Boston Red Sox has the same cancer as do many more. Are you going to claim all are Fukushima related when no causality has been proven? An educated person would not make that claim.

    1. Ah yes, the old "you can't prove it" lie of the nuclear cartel.

      Sure they didn't want a direct admission, so to keep the guy quiet that handed him some crumbs.

      NUkist---you can't prove it, you can't prove it. That is why sociopaths love nuclear, they can get away with the abuse in broad daylight.

      But I have asked before I want you opinion on hormesis, overall, and do you think that 100mSv per year is reasonable for civlilians, and second question to include women and children? How about embryos?

      Weigh in on this or ye shall be banned from this site.


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