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Monday, October 19, 2015

Germany's Electric Rate Has Dropped By 50% Since They Decided to Shutdown Nuclear

The pro-nuclear crowd, pulling out all the stops to save their dying industry, states that Germany is doing horribly under their "mistake" to invest in solar and shut down nuclear.   What is reality.

Reality is that Germany's cost for electricity has dropped in half since Fukushima.

This first chart doesn't tell the whole story.   Each Euro buys 1.15 USD.   So if you take the average call it 39 Euro per MWH, and multiply by 1.15, you get 44.85 USD per MWH, or converting to kWH 4.48 cents per kWH.

BUT!  and don't lose the importance of this, Look at the chart below, Since Fukushima the Euro has lost about 30% of its "value".    IN 2011 the wholesale rate was 65 Eur/MWH and Eur/USD was 1.45, calculating to a cost of 9.42 cents per kWH.  

Simply put....since Germany has decided to phase out nuclear power, their electric rate has dropped by half.

Funded by a $1.4B annual campaign to promote nuclear is the face of obvious headwinds, the propagandists for nuclear claim that Germany is paying higher costs because of the "mistake" to go solar.  

Now contrast that lie with the the reality of costs association with "New Nuclear" in particular Vogtle in Georgia.   The people there pay around 8 cents per kWH retail rate.    Now review this article which uses the real cost data from Vogtle.     This indicates a minimum wholesale price of 15 cents per kWH, and you have to add transmission costs and overhead and profit to that figure.

That means that "Next Generation Nuclear" will double or triple the cost the rate payers are going to be saddled with.


  1. This could change everything free electricity bikes and graphene cable heat to energy transfer

    1. LOL did an article on that one a few days ago

  2. Compare what Germany is doing to what is happening in the USA because our elected Leaders are receiving what I call Nuclear Payback*.

    RE: "we have taken every step possible to deliver low cost, carbon-free electricity safely and with the highest quality."

    The ratepayers that have to now pay for this plant will spend the next 40 to 60 years trying to pay for Energy and decommissioning costs that will continue to go upward, while renewable costs of Solar (of all flavors) continues to fall.

    This plant will insure that the Utility shareholders continue to profit while the ratepayers remain "energy slaves" to the Utility. As ever more residential Solar gets installed over the next 40 to 60 years, we will see the Energy from this plant become too expensive to use.


    Those that support nuclear power because nuclear power somehow supports them; no matter what the health implications or other "costs" are for others.

  3. Well said Capt well said. Tho' I like the tern kickback


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