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Friday, October 23, 2015

Lie of Nuke: Atom Bomb Survivors Who Only Got a Low Dose Where Made Healthier By the Bomb

Yes a pro nuke troll actually said this on the NRC website today.

Here is the debunk, full article available, NO COST


  1. strong enough
    and that can be applied to low dose exposure from
    any other source as well

    having said that
    there is at least 1 study following those exposed in Chernobyl who did not get cancer to see why they did not when those living around them did

    cognitive ability is needed for both example s

    either way
    exposure to any ionizing radiation can never be considered a health benefit
    under any circumstance
    including when it is used as an alleged treatment for cancer

    " the quest for the cures "

  2. Its not a strong case. You are exposed to ionizing radiation just for being on this planet. This " no safe exposure" or "any exposure is dangerous" meme is without substance for low doses. Why do you think there has been much activity? Its because over half a century plus 20 yrs has occured since the first real documented exposure that can be quantified as a matter of risk determination, and people have lived. Frankly, with this scientific evidence, it doesnt surprise me that those without science would believe that dogma.

    1. You are running out of time, atoms

    2. in or around august 6 1945
      there was no other source of ionizing radiation present
      3 days later
      on august 9th 1945

      so those test subjects were tested against a very large control group
      which was
      most of the humans living at the time in the rest of the world

      that particular study does indeed use valid test protocol with documented data sources
      and the conclusions are credible

      always operate in KISS format
      do not make things that are easy to see into complex puzzles designed to confuse
      the regular


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