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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Manmade Radiation is Far More Destructive Than Natural Radiation -- Dr. Alice Stewart

hat tip to Jebus from ENE

Over 20 years ago, a very intelligent woman, named Alice, peered into the rabbit hole again, and this is what she saw…

Low-Level Radiation

The Effects on Human and Non-Human Life

Dr. Alice Stewart, Great Britain. Medical doctor,
Professor for Social Medicine, expert on low-level
radiation, Alternative Nobel Prize.

You will find that the advocates of nuclear power are very fond of reminding us of two things:

1) The first is that from the very moment of conception to the moment when we die we are going to be exposed to natural background radiation.

2) And the second thing they like to remind us of is that actually even a small part of our tissue is radioactive, this, of course, referring to the fact that a fraction of an important chemical called potash has still a little residual radioactivity in it.

So their argument goes as follows: If we have this much exposure to natural radiation and, by implication nothing is happening — nothing bad is happening –, as a result of this, why are we making any fuss about other small doses of radiation?

Well let me tell ya little fella.....hop right down into this Rabbit Hole and ye shall see.....

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