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Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Data on Reactor 3 Building Moderated Prompt Criticality

TEPCO released some photos purported of Reactor 3 Vessel.    These look very clear which is odd given their first release in which white powder was disturbed and they stated they could not see anything.

You can review some here

stock said at ENE
Jebus, could be the fuel pool, and an alternate theory that I have long held, and still seems to be credible IF this is reactor 3 shown in the pictures that TEPCO says is reactor 3.....

Fuel melted in 3 and escaped through the bottom into a basement area, steaming and bubbling away.    A hydrogen explosion BOOM in 3 compression the steam vapor against the corium, which is a known way to increase reactivity (which is essential in a moderated prompt criticality) 

BOOM Why 3 booms?   Is one an echo, or another moderated criticality.   Can't imagine much hydrogen sticking around after the first 2.
Further discussion
Unit 3 Containment photos are the first interior shots of Containment 3 since 311.
Some preliminary observations:
1. Water covers the Inspection Stand. This indicates that any corium lava tube that exists at Unit 3 exits straight through the pedestal floor, rather than having breaching the pedestal and exiting through the Containment floor. Apparently, Containment 3 holds water, or leaks at a slow rate.
2. Water is clear. If corium was present, roiling water would be expected. No, or little, corium is in the Containment of Unit 3.
3. Heavy steam is reported. Steam can be expected to be rising from the column of groundwater filling the corium lava tube inside the pedestal. Possibly, steam is from corium remaining in the pedestal floor area.
4. Lack of damage. An intact light fixture can be seen in one photo, indicating that Containment 3 was not involved in the explosion at Unit 3. One early report I saw, included a drawing indicating that the Unit 3 explosion originated outside the reactor and containment vessels, on one of the lower floors of the building.
The question remains:
Where is the damn corium?

Where did the massive criticality explosion come from, if not from this reactor?

theworldisalie Why the dirty smoke then? H2 burns clean and produces a white cloud of water vapor right?
Again, so where is that 100 tonnes of nuclear fuel and plutonium?

How come they were reporting finding plutonium fuel fragments far away from the plant?

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