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Friday, October 2, 2015

Nuclear Plants Emit Radiation on a Regular and Large Basis, Evidence from the Nat'l Geospatial Intelligence Agency

From the main article at peer review Nature
Underground anti-neutrino detectors have revealed the rapidly decaying fission products inside nuclear reactors

Now the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency present some "nice" charts, showing some very non-nice inconvenient truths about nuke plants emissions.     It is really kind of sad when you look at it, these plants show up like an evil beacon of light in these maps.   There is A LOT more on these websites. 


  1. Radiation across the entire EM Spectrum doesn't mean anything. Keep fishing. Hey Cleveland rocks. They rely on nuclear up here.

    1. Thats plain stupid, the nuke plants stick out like a sore thumb, even look at the Brazil plant. If you go to the site, they also have it broken down by eV ranges.

      Sorry, your industry is guilty as charged.

    2. No sale. Its not about the energy emission but the dose. Its really not "my" industry. You really have to look more closely at the physics. Nuclear is a benign industry. Its just your point of view that's off.

    3. Hey nuke genius, what do you think we're discussing here?? The dose is evidenced in these images, which scream continuous low dose over long periods. The science has shown this to be far more damaging to biological organisms than short term high dose.


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