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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nuclear Waste Dump Rammed Down the Throats of

On Nov 12, 2013.....

Trucks hauling dangerous uranium waste from Tennessee for burial in a landfill at the Nevada National Security Site will start rolling early next year despite objections from Gov. Brian Sandoval, who is powerless to stop them, federal officials said Tuesday.

Department of Energy officials insisted the strategy will be safe despite questions about the suitability of disposing potent, highly radioactive nuclear material in trenches deeper than 40 feet in the southeast part of the former Nevada Test Site.

Kevin Knobloch, chief of staff to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, said Nevada cannot veto the disposal plan at the government’s self-regulated site, 65 miles north of Las Vegas
story here

 critics were, well, critical

Because of the high percentage of atom-splitting bomb ingredients, the material should not be permanently buried as low-level waste in a landfill because it doesn’t meet Nuclear Regulatory Commission low-level radioactive waste guidelines, said Michael Voegele, former Yucca Mountain Project chief scientist who works as a consultant to Nye County.

Some critics have noted the DOE quietly changed its waste-acceptance criteria in May so that the Oak Ridge canisters could be disposed of as low-level waste that’s five times more radioactive than previously allowed.
The nukists that be like to call this type of disposal "trenches" which gives the mental imagery of, you know, that trench you dug in your yard so you could put a water pipe to the garden.   You know, small and harmless.

These "trenches" are nothing of the sort, they are more simply and accurately just elongated huge open pits, most don't even have a liner to protect aquifers.

Now fast forward to today, complete governmental incompetence and direct lies.   Par for the course.

From the first article below
State officials say the fire started in one of 22 covered trenches used to store low-level radioactive material like gloves or lab equipment.
 Just like WIPP, always the lies about "gloves", when in fact what "low level" is called allows up to 7 curies per liter---which is a huge amount of radiation, enough to contaminate 1 Billion Costco Chickens from 1 liter (1 quart)



  1. Fukushima radioactive waste is still being pumped into in the Pacific Ocean by the millions of gallons each and every day to radiate and poison the fish and seafood we eat and to contaminate the waves we surf and play in! Airborne Fukushima  radiation, other sources of both radiation and toxic heavy metals are also in our milk,vegetables and in the general food we eat due to the fact that it is mixed in with the fertilizer and pesticides sprayed onto the fields that feed the livestock and us humans! Mark my words folks this toxic radiation and heavy metals has been and continues to accumulate in our bodies to make us sick! Also, north America is getting closer and closer to a Russian or terrorist nuclear conflict every day. Those that want to survive the radioactive fallout better be prepared to be able to flush the radiation from their contaminated bodies! When this happens it will be far to late to take potassium iodide which must be taken before a radiation exposure and even then it will only protect your thyroid for a mere 24 hours. The smart detox should be with the natural micronized mineral for human consumption called zeolite which will safely remove the radiation and heavy metals from the body after exposure! Every family should be detoxing the radiation and heavy metals already accumulated in their bodies and they should also be storing enough zeolite in preparation for a coming nuclear event to protect the entire family so they can survive! For more information on nuclear fallout preparedness and toxic heavy metal detoxing, see the website at

    1. I was seriously thinking of doing a heavy metal check via hair sample, found one place that does a broad and specific report for $140

  2. One radioactive atom in a million gallons per hour isn't squat. Quantify. So that proper risk can be assessed.

    1. None of the approved models properly calculate risk, and there are vast individual differences too.

      What might be OK for one person, might be the death punch for another.

  3. You cant quantify the death punch at low low doses. Its pure speculation on your part with no scientific basis. Its as if you say " you can die in 30 years by drinking that cup of coffee today".

    1. All due respect Loose Nuke you use scientific basis as a claim but I'm near 60 years old and have been drinking coffee my hole adult life. The public today doesn't need the the rubber stamp of approval. Any dose of radiation has the potential of turning the delicate strand of DNA into gibberish.

    2. I dispute your last sentence since it hasn't been proven for "any". Youre just spouting LNT nonsense.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. First off it's a waste of time upping another person and yes pregnant women should not be X-raded. From all of this we never knew what to do with nuclear waste. You know what the best thing to do in all of this is, understanding a new science 'The Balance' we're in this together and I mean this in a good way, with money out of the equation our knowledge is the assessment of understanding our surroundings. It seems in human society we only unite when threaten by a common enemy, outside of that thought we're head strong. What can harm you harms me and all life except a cockroach with their slow cell cycle. Nature is the best engineer known to man, she doesn't lie nor can she be paid to do so. With that, from the shore line out to 65 ft of water in the ocean we have anywhere between 100,000 to 10 million spices that thrive in the sea. In a liter of sea water we come across 38,000 microbes, this is the nursery of the planet and we need to be a better Stewart. For the life behind you has a chance at the experience you had, now that feels good to move forward without peering through a magnifying glass analyzing and I'm no exception to that rule but forgive me, the answers are late and time is falling though the hour glass picking on one another. I can only wish you, the publisher here and all who comment that we recognize what needs to be done and we're unstable as a whole. Hey, I wonder what the half life is for human balance.

    5. Loose nuke, your comments are appreciated, but when they (often) degrade to being pure insults, they will be deleted. '

      You have not weighed in on hormesis, and are on the verge of being banned entierly

    6. Ah, I hope that don't happen. Imperfect world at best for any of us. Speaking of which the word spices should read species, come on Blogger help us out, I always need an editor. I can remember in third grade my English teacher Mrs. Schertler would put me behind the piano for my spelling and grammar errors where I became interested in mechanics.

  4. You cant quantify the death punch at low low doses. Its pure speculation on your part with no scientific basis. Its as if you say " you can die in 30 years by drinking that cup of coffee today".


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