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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Questions for Gina McCarthy

Warren, you rock, I do find myself using your email 2 or 3 times a week.   

I try to clean up my ranty demeanor and try to actually get a real response.    She will get one from

Keep in mind, this "lady" turned off the radiation monitors after Fukushima, and was promoted for that. 


Gina, you keep stating that in the new energy efficiency and pollution targets that states get to choose how they plan on getting to those targets.    But how can they plan on investments in solar PV or wind when they don't know whether federal tax credits will be around after 2016?     How can they plan when the federal government waits until the last minute to extend a program or not.  

And why would anyone want to invest in nuclear, with the huge usually 10 year wait time between financing, design, and first criticality?   Besides Voglte themselves say they need to pull $65B in revenue from the plant or it won't make sense.    That means that the kWH cost to consumers is going to double and maybe triple.    

How does that mesh with your statement that these new rules are only going to cost a family the equivalent of a gallon of milk a month?

stock out

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