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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Radnet Monitoring, 9 Ranges of Gamma and Which Isotopes Are in Those Ranges

This is from pinksailmat who is doing great work at ENENEWS.

Citizen scientists are one place you can get truth.     Grant whore scientists seem like they have trouble with the truth.

If I had to follow just one of the Gamma Ranges…I would pick Range 5, which picks up Cs-137,
Ba-137m & Cs-134.
FYI here are all the Gamma Ranges with a select few important Isotopes:
Range 2: Ba-140
Range 3: I-131
Range 4: Kr-85
Range 5: Cs-137, Ba-137m & Cs-134
Range 6: Ru-106
Range 7: Y-91
Range 8: K-40
Range 9: Na-24, Mn-56
Range 10: Sr-90

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