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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Risks of low level Radiation - A Compilation of Links

I am going to start this off with Ian Fairlie, a great researcher and author
A powerful new study has been published in Lancet Haematology [1] which adds to this evidence. However the study's findings are more important than the previous studies, for several reasons.
First, it provides "strong evidence", as stated by the authors, of a "dose-response relationship between cumulative, external, chronic, low-dose, exposures to radiation and leukaemia".
Second, it finds radiogenic risks of leukemia among nuclear workers to be more than double the risk found in a previous similar study in 2005. The excess relative risk of leukaemia mortality (excluding workers exposed to neutrons) was 4.19 per Gy.
Arguably the most important study in the annals of radiobiology, confirming no-threshold risk for childhood leukemia down to micro-doses of natural background radiation -- lower than 'low dose'. The statistical power of Kendall et al. (2013) is unprecedented and is undoubtedly why such a fine-grain dose response was detected with statistical significance from the microscopic dose of 4.1 mSv (cumulative). The unparalleled power of this study was examined in Little et al (2010): These are free docs from PubMED -

This reporting from Stanford on the 700 page BEIR 7

Sternglass 1995 on Human Radiation Experiments.

ENENEWS has 15 pages with almost 1600 comments on Low Dose Radiation here


  1. I am Fairlie is not authoritative nor reputable in this subject. I find it interesting that you keep trudging out the second team, the JV, in these matters. How come you won't go to reputable and unbiased sources. Fairlie like Busby is out on the fringe. The only people that believe them are out on the fringe as well.

    1. LOL, reputable and unbiased sources, like from within the nuclear cartel, oh just hilarious!

      Oh I just added another peer review, high power study.....BTW


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