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Friday, October 9, 2015

Shark Gate -- Fukushima Has Damaged the Pacific and the Sharks are Desperate

I hereby coin

Shark Gate

As shark attacks ramp up tremendously in Hawaii, the governmental and academic spin machine also ramp up.    Going from one attack per year to 14 and they say "it isn't really going up, there are just more people in the water"

Sheesh.    The food chain has been decimated and sharks are bioaccummulating radiation and heavy metals.   I used to dive almost every week, now it seems like there is an actual risk from sharks.

They are also reducing the statistics by the use of "instigated" versus non-instigated attacks.    So if  someone was fishing, then they "instigated" the attack and thus it is not really an attack.

I will add to this article as time allows


  1. This shark gate of yours is a stretch. Its all part of the cyclic nature of prey-predator dynamics. Start with coupled ordinary differential equations and look for bifurcation and instabilities. We use coupled ODEs to investigate reactor stability regimes. Its mathematical analogs in nature. C'mon you can connect the dots on this one.

    1. Incorrect, there are some who have modeled shark attacks as a poisson distribution, but the odds show a vanishingly small chance of 14 attacks in one year. The to go not just 2 years in a row, but 3 years makes it clear that we did not just get 3 poisson bursts in a row.

      Same goes for if you model sharks attacks as a normal distribution, we are outside Jeff Emelts 6 sigma, again with vanishingly small odd.

      Smart engineers have the ability to see the obvious, propose theories, and test the theories and modify as needed or throw out completely.

      That's where nuclear is....many theories have been tried, and non end up with a product that is economical and also safe. So it's time to throw it out completely.


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