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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Mark of A Failed, Captured, Corrupt Empire Begging Your Recent Enemies to Finance and Build Nuclear Facilities in Your Homeland

Wow, if you want to feel better about living in America, just look at the British.

They are pushing hard to saddle themselves with large increases in electrical cost, that will drag them down for decades.   And they are rejoicing that China is going to be their economic hitman, owner of 33.5% of their nuclear power plant Hinckley C.

The projected cost is $18B Pounds.   They signed total agreement of $40B Pounds ($62B USD).

So their new nuke plant will cost over $27B USD,   that is 27,000 Million USD.   The most expensive machine ever created by man.

Modern nuclear plants and the electric-utility grid make extensive use of computer networks. The ability of hackers to penetrate even well-protected data systems, analysts say, has increased the overall vulnerability of the nuclear industry, which has in the past largely relied on physical barriers for protection.
“China would gain access to information that would give it more insight into the vulnerabilities in the U.K.’s critical infrastructure,” said Caroline Baylon, a specialist on cybersecurity at Chatham House, a research institute in London.
“As much as possible, your critical infrastructure should be national,” Ms. Baylon said.
A recent Chatham House report described the various ways that hackers might be able to worm their way into the operating system of a nuclear plant — and potentially cause widespread power outages.
But British officials said that such concerns were highly exaggerated, that the Chinese would hold only a minority stake and that Britain would continue to tightly regulate the nuclear industry.
  FRom the article

Having not built a new power station since 1995, Britain has little choice but to look to outside suppliers and financing.
Really?   That implies a cause and effect relationship, yet I see none.    Desperation and stupidity are what I see. 

They made a correction to the article
Correction: October 21, 2015

An earlier version of this article misspelled, in one instance, the name of British nuclear power plant. As noted elsewhere in the article, it is the Hinkley Point C plant, not Hinckley Point C.
 Maybe you corrupt and stupid collapsing empires ought to focus on basic math and national security rather than name typos.     Sheesh.   

Wikipedia, spelt wrong, OMG!


  1. I thought there was something dreadfully wrong with this as it flashed by in the newsfeed.

    1. And you were correct. It is insanity grasping and straws.

  2. China is a world leader in nuclear because the most powerful nations in the Western world were hamstrung by militant environmentalists. You only have yourselves to blame.

  3. comment above about China is incredibly lopsided. China's lax environmental laws and lack of enforcement result in world's most lethal air, chemical explosions, building collapses ... there is nothing outstanding about China's nuclear push, especially with regards to the economic rape of UK citizens. Their metal tools are weak, their concrete soft, apple products are counterfeit (along with shoes & handbags etc) and their corruption high. Incredible anyone contracts with a nation that has these characteristics.

  4. Chinas air is pretty bad as well. Why aldo you think they are building 25 nuclear plants? How much made in China stuff do you own?

  5. lol... you make little sense loose nuke. I own nothing that was made in China. It is possible to do, especially when not living in USA.

    1. Loose nuke says he has a pHD,
      when you get a masters, they scoop out half of your common sense and replace it with "befunded"
      when you get a pHD, the scoop out the other half of common sense and replace it with "grant grubbing" no offense to your moniker, lol


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