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Monday, October 5, 2015

Walden Pond Now a Cancer Stricken, Uranium Polluted, Superfund Cleanup Site

stock here---below site seen in reference on ENENEWS

Original topic was that Thoreau's Walden Pond was turned into a DU production site and is now recognized as a superfund cleanup site, and former employee's are getting millions in payouts from the taxpayers to cover their cancers.

 Living simply....wasn't that the lesson?



Welcome to the Deadly Radiation Hazards USA Database. This database is a tool intended to be used in conjunction with the fourth edition of the map Deadly Nuclear Radiation Hazards USA. The authors have taken care to make this booklet "user-friendly," but recommend that you read the introduction before starting.
This database is the end result of thousands of hours of research, analysis, and data input. Scores of federal and state documents were carefully combed through to obtain what we believe is the most complete list of significant nuclear facilities ever compiled. The database includes

  • All nuclear reactors (power, research, and DOE ) active, shutdown, and under construction, including nuclear powered ships
  • All NRC and Agreement States "Broad" Licensees
  • All contaminated sites currently identified by the DOE, NRC and EPA
  • All licensees for significant quantities of critical mass material
  • All licensees for storage, transportation, and disposal of radioactive material including nuclear laundries, and incinerators
  • All known dumpsites including underwater
  • All off-site nuclear weapons tests
  • All former uranium mines, mills,and processing facilities
  • All major ports of entry
  • All known nuclear weapons deployments
  • All known nuclear weapon production complex facilities.
  • All known sites of Depleted Uranium Contamination.
  • All irradiators greater than 10,008 curies

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