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Monday, November 9, 2015

A Cure For Cancer? It Kills The Fungus That Live Off the Dead Cells and Sugars Says Gasser

stock here: I guess I will throw out a full tilt weasel disclaimer here, I am not a Doctor, nor is Gasser.
This is not my recommendation to do this.    Cancer is serious stuff, see the lower WHO estimates predict a 70% increase in cancer in 20 years.    WOW, from 50% to 85% is the way I would calculate that, only 1 in 6 people WILL NOT get cancer.   Mindboggling.

From Gasser from the Big Island of Hawaii

This link works

I've had some request, so I just made this life extender video today for folks to get a better handle on the most important things needed to do in making it right and easy.

Disclaimer> this does not cure Cancer, it kills the Fungus that's living off the dead cells that got Radioactive element Becquerel discharge bombarded continually for a Fungus to move in and live off the dead cells and sugars.

There is no cure for Cancer, because man made Radioactive elements are everywhere in everything…meaning Cancer is a none stoppable recurring phenomena relative to radioactive elements a person is exposed to.

In this video I miss spoke saying I had Pancreas Cancer…meaning to say "Thyroid"
I've had Colon, liver, Thyroid Cancers over the years now @ 74 I'm still riding because of this simple recipe.

Ahui Ho

Stay informed, stay alert/alive> enenews com

More info on Tumeric

And like Gasser's Baking Soda approach

The WHO World Cancer Report, released in early 2014, calmly announced that cancer rates will rise by 70% over the next few decades…

This means that soon you'll be in a minority if cancer does not get you (and of course there's all the other diseases that come from manmade radionuclides as well).

The corrupt feckers and the psychos aside, what I found most gobsmacking at the time was the lack of public outrage.
stock here- Ya Rob, and the "scientists" pin the increase on alcohol, smoking, and obesity. 

They never mention the R word.   But they do mention they need lots of money for research.   Oh and by the way.....if you want their report, you have to buy it.

Profiting from disease doesn't seem very "sustainable" to me.

It's $72.00

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