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Friday, November 13, 2015

Alaska Bears Just Keel Over and Die, Amazingly On Camera

The embedded video in this article is quirky, so if it doesn't play, go directly to this link where it was found

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player And here is a video from Hawaii, it's called the stairway to heaven hike And here is another film of people having fun in "outdoor Hawaii", still a lot of beauty there. Too bad we are destroying the ecosystem at an every accelerating pace.


  1. The official mantra of ozone layer recovery is a lie. Without the ozone layer, there would be no terrestrial life on Earth. The sun feels increasingly hot on your skin because it is. Even the backs of whales are being sunburned. UV readings are skyrocketing around the globe and the damage is mounting at blinding speed. Many have begun to notice the intense UV radiation as the protective layers of the atmosphere continue to be shredded by illegal flourocarbons. Shipped from China to A/C companies in Brazil. recently on TV news.

    The Canadian government has long since been refusing to let their scientists communicate with media. In the US, "gag orders" have been placed on all NWS and NOAA personnel. Nearly all current information is controlled. Finding the truth is an ever more difficult endeavor. A rapidly growing mountain of scientific data makes the lethal consequences of hydroflourocarbons all too clear. Despite the Montreal protocol many countries still manufacture ozone depleting destructive and toxic chemicals. NASA tracks evidence around the globe. Is industrial pollution similar to biological warfare?
    Ozone damage is our greatest and most immediate threat short of nuclear disaster.

    1. The new Canadian Prime Minister has unmuzzled the Gov scientists, just this week. Its a big thing.

  2. Just dont go off saying its because of Fukushima. Nonstarter.

  3. there's an older video, couple years ago, of a bear that was running up a hill then stopped and keeled over dead.


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