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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Diatoms Marginalized Cyanobacteria Forcing Them Into Specific Niches (e.g., high-light, low Fe, low N, low P

stock here: Dud presents some good information below, don't let the German throw you, lol.

I have long been of a belief that the Fukushima radiation in the Pacific has been a last straw which caused a tipping point in the balance of organizms, and in all likelihood, a mutation or 3 occurred which gave some small organisms an advantage enough that they would marginalize other species.
the research belows flows along these same lines.


DudNovember 5, 2015 at 1:45 PM
Quote: "Die Wissenschaftler am MIT kritisierten auch, dass Regierungsbehörden sie bei den Messungen behindert haben. Sowohl das National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), als auch die Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) und das Energie Ministerium (DoE) boykottierten die Arbeit der Wissenschaftlern.

„Wir boten unsere Dienste der NOAA an, denn wir wollten mit unserer Expertise helfen. […] Das NOAA hatte die Aufgabe dieses Desaster zu untersuchen und die amerikanische Reaktion darauf abzuschätzen. Ihre Reaktion war weitere Modelle anzufertigen und dadurch die Effekte [des radioaktiven Niederschlags] einzuschätzen, aber keine Außen-Messungen. Sie sagten, sie machen so etwas nicht. Sie messen keine Radionuklid. Stattdessen schoben sie die Verantwortung an das Energie Ministerium weiter. Dieses wiederum sagte, es hätte nichts mit den Meeren zu tun. Das sei Aufgabe des NOAA und nicht ihr Problem“, sagte Buesseler bei seinem Vortrag am MIT.

In den Tagen und Wochen nach der Katastrophe von Fukushima, fürchteten sich die Bewohner der US-Westküste vor dem radioaktiven Niederschlag. Dennoch entschied die Umweltbehörde EPA, keine Messgeräte an den Küsten von Oregon, Washington und Kalifornien aufzustellen. Dies berichtet Central Coast News und bezieht sich dabei auf eine offizielle Email der Umweltbehörde."

Quote: "The divergence of the cyanobacteria Synechococcus and Prochlorococccus during the rise of the diatoms – the most important phytoplankton group in the ocean – suggests the impact of biogeochemical changes on marine microbes. The diversification and proliferation of diatoms in the oceans marginalized cyanobacteria. Diatoms are the workhorses of the ocean biogenic carbon cycle – in comparison to cyanobacteria, they grow quickly and sink faster – thus they sequester fixed CO2, N and Fe that all other surface ocean microbes need. The diatoms changed the ocean, thus putting pressure on cyanobacteria. A result (because many other things also happened) was the genome streamlining and niche adaptation of the lineage. The best example is the high-light adapted MED4 strain of Prochlorococcus. This particular strain has a small genome, low GC and is nitrogen-cost-minimized, as detailed in our paper. Diatoms marginalized cyanobacteria forcing them into specific niches (e.g., high-light, low Fe, low N, low P) where they are successful and well adapted (like these clades that live in iron poor water).
Where we are heading?

What are the implications of cost-minimization in the genomes of ocean microbes? Could it alter the overall nutrient pools in the surface ocean (and thus affect the potential CO2 draw down by phytoplankton)? These are questions we are now pursuing using modeling approaches in an attempt to bolster our understanding of biogeochemistry through genomics and microbial ecology. We are teaming up with Jay Cullen, a chemical oceanography professor, good friend and super smart guy to figure out if cost-minimization and other metabolic changes in microbes might be having more of an effect on biogeochemical cycles than we think. Stay tuned."

(Thanks to vital1 for this link:)

stock here, the above link is a great one. it is 1971, 44 years ago, Sternglass wrote:

They know, it would seem. They've known for a long time, it would appear.

Are they crucifying Dana? See FD Cbox for additional info.

stock here---Dana Durnford was arrested after complaints by Woods Hole and U of Victoria, they also partly scuttled his youtube account while he was in jail.

And Kenny boy Bueller says
Any increase in exposure to radioactivity increases your risk — the question is how much," Brenner said. "We are daily exposed to radiation from a variety of sources. Our body is naturally radioactive. We are bombarded from the sky by cosmic rays."

dud continues.......
I can't seem to find any evidence of anybody threatening Cull's life ... WTF?
Certainly, it is a great time to find those blogs spreading the news like wildfire, now. Much easier to see whom is reveling in this.

Remember my dissection of "Academic Dishonesty?"

Thanks for being here, stock. You rock! Tip it like you do! (real good!) ;)


  1. many many reports of gastric trouble everywhere stock. course yur probio advice is excellent like everything else you do sir. It is because our guts are withering from rad exposure and anaerobic bacteria is taking over. da kim chi still good for now. yet beware and woe to those who dont heed the call! the times the microflora and pur gut bacteria are changing as is the seas from the rads! 10 times increases in chrons ibs diverticulitis gut shutdowns c difficile infections around the world since fuku stock! its only gettin worse! muster up an article for us please sir!

    1. Full tilt focused on solar for a 1 month now. Very little in the way of original work will be generated for a while. But please keep the discussion going, I will drop in once a day.

  2. A million plausible reasons for ocean life anomalies and you choose to pin it on benign, trace levels of radiation that is much lower than the natural fissile content. Yes muster up more junk science for the rat farmers. Start with calculati g the natural spontaneous fission rate of uranium in the ocean, and the capture rate of natural 238U that transmutes into 239Pu in the ocean. Tremendous advances in radiation detection since 911 so much that its a wonder everyone is jiggy when Pu shows up in scans. Hello... McFly.....its always been there.

    Stop swinging a pancake meter and play with some pro tools.

    1. You are from phoenix, right?

    2. Nice! LoseNuke called Jay Cullen's friends purveyors of "junk science".

      LooseCuke seems to have oral athlete's foot! :lol :)

    3. Quotes of Google Translation of original German article (partly quoted in German, above in article):

      ""The latest figures available to me, show that 80 Petabecquerel of cesium-137 were submitted to the environment," said Jay Cullen, lecturer at the Department of Earth and Marine Sciences at the University of Victoria."

      ... "The difference is merely that the fallout from Chernobyl largely came down on the mainland, while he was also driven mainly sea at Fukushima. That was the good fortune of the Japanese, but would for the ecosystem of the Pacific made sensitive so Buesseler.

      Scientists at MIT also criticized that government agencies have hindered in the measurements. Both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DoE) boycotted the work of the scientists.

      "We offered our services to the NOAA, because we wanted to help with our expertise. [...] The NOAA had the task to examine this disaster and to assess the American response. Her reaction was to make more models and thereby assess the effects [of nuclear fallout], but no exterior measurements. They said they do no such thing. They measure any radionuclide. Instead, they pushed the responsibility to the Department of Energy on. This, in turn, said it had nothing to do with the seas. That was the task of the NOAA and not their problem ", Buesseler said during his lecture at MIT."

      Not only has LouseNuke called out Cullen's friends for (quote) "junk science", but Cullen hisself & Buesseller as well!!!

      That has to be incredibly uncomfortable with more than one foot in his mouth, neh? Looks good on him though for not even reading the article, nor the source material. FAIL

  3. I realize now that part of the play is for these guys to be all smug and assured even though its just some script they are reading. But Loose Nuke's constant ridiculous appeals to its non-existent credibility and ceaseless dehumanizing statements about the people who are concerned over this global tragedy, make me fear for my life and my data. I think this thing is a threatening presence on this blog and I humbly request its moderation.

    1. ya that troll is amazing in a bad way. He is dealing with the nukepro and trying to trot out the same old lies that I have already debunked.

  4. You are very loved and appreciated stock. i wish you could coat the world solar. Thats the real effective stuff yur doin.

    i agree there probably is not much manmade k40. that discussion is dumn though because i have found tritium in drinking water in 3states w my trit detector. there is stron90 in ocean in us.

    the bright blue glowing cesium wild pig guts in cali and glowing blue cesium cucumber in fuku scared the shit out of my friends but some ol enen dont give a darn.

    why get bogged down in cullen and buesslers level of shit specially about k40when the world is burning , dana got arrested, and were floating on a layer of radioactive ooze.

    time to turn this around. I will post an article here about the emerging fuku pathogenic gut colitis's.

    i talked to 5people who say many people they know have it. obe says so too. a few others on ene do too.

    please be careful stock i thought mofo was gonna try to ruin yur business. remember the 7habits and be safe!

    1. the world is burning from radioactive waste i mean not global warming.

  5. Aside from this 61 Page listing

    This is one of the best articles I've seen lately,

    One thing not mentioned is that hopefully Salmon caught/farmed in the Atlantic have little to no chance of containing radiation from Fukushima like Pacific salmon does.
    I hope that all seafood inspections start including the level of radiation detected, since that has a huge affect upon your health.

    1. Ya I bought some farm raised salmon and smoked them over Hickory today.....amazing.

      They were labelled specifically as "no antibiotic", I think that is big. The most unhealthy farms MUST use lots of antibiotics, it was a 25% cost increase, I paid it. Thanks for the comments, stock out.

  6. Mind the Pacific Ocean-farmed Atlantic salmon.
    Pacific Land-farmed Atlantic salmon -->


    Is there any chance that Dana Durnford's nemesis is an ENEnews'er? YES!

    also see:

    Take his email address and perform a MD5 hash upon it, then compare the result to the Gravatar address of that particular "snowflake", and BINGO! It is confirmed.

    He is indeed a 'newser. Had to have registered with it, neh? Curiouser & curiouser.

    1. DUD, provide and example of using the MD5 hash, TY


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