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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

EmailContact List For Those Interested in Anti-Nuke, Anti-Radiation, Better Health

Folks, I need to bear down and get some tasks done, and get ready for a long plane ride and a big trip, will test for gamma and beta if I can

I have been trying to clean up my email, and at least I got ENE Nukepro related emails all gathered to one folder, 318 items!

My intention is to make a mailing list and send stuff out occasionally, I will use BCC so your privacy will be protected

If you want to be on this list and have never email before, email now to
Also if you emailed from Feb to Sep of 2015….through a butt head mistake of my own and of Windows 7, have lost all the email, probably only the NSA has it, LOL

So write again.

Time permitting during my travels, I will create the "real players" email contact list. I won't send things often and it won't be spam.

Indicate your "stage name" will be helpful, because I want to mitigate chances of getting a troll on board.

stock out

Also I apologize to those who wrote and who I did not respond. I usually try to respond immediately, but if that is not possible, then the response often just has to fall by the wayside.

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