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Monday, November 2, 2015

EPA and NRC Both Captured Agencies and Both Trying to Ram More Radiation Down Your Throat

I don't have time to provide all the backup for my assertation in this post, but it is findable via searchingthis lbog, searching at ENENEWS, and general Google search.

Bottom line: as the dying and desperate, yet dangerous and well funded nuclear industry cannot compete with modern energy sources, it has corrupted it's captured agencies to try to raise the radiation levels that they can blast the general public with by 100 times more.

Not joking.  It is beyond comprehension.   These are sick and desperate people.

Some of the pro-nukers I chat with admit that they don't believe that 100 time more would be anything but very dangerous, BUT they also think it won't be opened up that high and maybe just relaxed by double.  

That is very dangerous thinking, you have no idea the result once an absurdity like this enters committee and a vote.   Its a crapshoot at that point.

from a distance
Final reminder that your input is needed now:

(1) Comment to the EPA regarding raising radiation levels:
 Also they are having a meeting Nov 9 in DC to discuss radiation protection standards.

(2) Comment to the NRC regarding raising radiation levels:!submitComment;D=NRC-2015-0057-0086

(3) Sign the Petition

Funny how in 2014 the EPA comments on Nuclear Power Radiation Standards received 33, 960 comments, quite a lot.

The  item 2 above only has a few hundred comments, how lame is that.


  1. of course they are. sorry u r disheartened stock. thanks for your work.

  2. The epa and nrc are classic organs of inverted totalitarianism stock!

  3. The epa and nrc are classic organs of inverted totalitarianism stock!

    the only democracies left in the world whether they have capitalist or mercantile or mixed or more self sufficient economies are non nuclear period! end of story


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