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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Example of Nuclear Propaganda, This One In Illinois, Where 6 Plants are on Life Support

They pretend its an "article"

They mistate the EPA

They have a $1.4B budget to protect the profits from their failing industry.   These old plants are breaking all the time, almost every day a plant "trips offline" due to a maintenance and age issue.

This same critically important cooling pump broke last Sunday, and then BROKE AGAIN today, Thursday, and it's not the same break although they do not give details.

Dominion's Millstone-2 nuclear power unit shuts due to coolant pump leak


here is the Paid Advertisement

EPA Official Encourages State Action to Preserve Nuclear Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

During a recent summit convened by the White House on the importance of nuclear energy to addressing climate change, the EPA’s top air official encouraged action at the state level to preserve existing nuclear energy facilities.
Janet McCabe who heads the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation stated that:
    • “The Clean Power Plan is not all-powerful . . . . [w]e can’t, on our own, through this policy, change the trajectory for power plants that are affected by many, many factors.
    • It is clear that if a . . . nuclear plant closes down, that is zero carbon generation that a state will need to accommodate in its plan. That’s definitely an incentive built in to keep those clean resources going.
    • [S]tates can choose policies that incentivize those activities . . . .”
    Illinois Policymakers need to act to preserve its leading source of zero carbon generation.
According to a State of Illinois report, the premature closure of at-risk plants in Illinois would have severe consequences for Illinois carbon emissions at a cost of up to $1.1 billion per year.
We need policy reforms like the Low Carbon Portfolio Standard that properly recognize and value the significant amount of carbon-free electricity that comes from Illinois’ nuclear fleet to level the playing field for all forms of clean energy and best position our state to meet EPA’s new carbon reduction rules.
Learn more about the benefits of nuclear energy at

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