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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant is Dead! One More Down, And A Bunch to Go, Morons Want to Put It On Life Support

Fitzpatrick nuclear plant will be closing. As the Nukepro predicted, this is a happy day.

Entergy is closing a lot of their plants, that is smart of them, they bought them up on the cheap and then made 10 to 50 times the purchase price, now they are dumping them before huge maintenance bills come up.    

Each one is a victory. But there is still just shy of 100 plants in the USA.

If we close 5 a year, that takes 20 years to get close them down, and another 5 years after that to dry cask them.

Well, 25 years is better than never.

This is the definition of an Asshat, Gov Cuomo will spend vast amounts of taxpayers dollars on a legal attack to attempt to force this non governmental company to operate at a loss.   What a shithead.

It's an absurd twist on socialism.   But like the citizen slaves who toil away, paying 73% of all of their efforts to support an egalitarian ruling (governmental) he wants companies to be walking zombies, forced to operate.    Personally, I don't think it is very smart to have zombies running Nuclear Plants.  

It seems Cuomo is not the only Socilaist Asshat in the crowd....

Oswego County's congressional representatives, U.S. Reps. Richard Hanna and John Katko, urged Entergy and the state to continue to meet and reach an agreement that will keep the plant open. 
"Absent a solution, our hope is that the company and the state will do everything possible to mitigate the challenges faced by the community," Hanna, R-Barneveld, and Katko, R-Camillus, said in a joint statement.

stock here---the only nuclear reactor that I fully approve of is our star, we call it the sun


  1. Latest big conspiracy theory. Lol. Many of them wont exist soon with you around stock! Thanks for your work on Fitz. Indian point will close!

    Nukes Dont exist. On Icke , GLP, Atlantean society. Even alex jones followers.
    This is another crappy cointelpro ploy

    1. Amazing, there is also a "flat earth" society

    2. there are criminal conspiracies like what the mafia in naples italy did by dumping millions of tons of nuclear waste in their landfills. like the nuclear industry here. like cointelpro officers who fence sitters and gatekeepers here as hatricj penry pointed out. the outlandish shit that is not really nuclear or that is thrown in to throw a monkey wrench in the nuckear debate is despicable . You know about the cia hitmen and we antinukes see appoks all the time. they prey on tje mentally ill and the gullible. They act antinuke then they pull their punches as dana has pointed out. dana is not perfect. i am not perfect. helen caldicott is not always perfect but she is right some humans are just evil brain eating bloodthirsty baby killers and torturers. people wanna know why. its because there are a lot of crazy feckers put there no rhyme or reason. i totally agree with obe majia helen you on this point. keep up the good work sir! you are truly a renaissance man!

    3. Caldicott is not right in the head. The rest of the rat farmers uou mentioned are no better.

      The unit of dose for a chicken is not Sv but Gray or Gy. Sieverts apply to man not poultry.

  2. Fitz provided millions of gigawatts clean carbon free energy. Eventually all the Gen 2 plants will retire yet nuclear in this country will go on well beyond my and your lifetime. Its very apparent you hate nuclear and the hard working people that ho unheralded to make it safe. It takes superior engineering skill to make it work. It doesnt take any skill to knock it or those working it down. Its sad to think you call nukes sociopath when all we do is apply what the good Lord gave us. I really dont think antinukes speak for the average person and have written much about the unknown, hidden majority of Americans that are in favor of new nuclear. Every technology improves. Yet we are reminded no one can predict the future. Afterall this is 2015 and where are our flying cars? The technology is bigger than you stock, and at the end of the day, youre tilting at a windmill.

    You may find this interesting but I am not in favor of extending engineered systems beyond their useful life. I count on it as I jet set all over the world for the betterment of man through the application of the atom.

    1. Yo pHD arsehat

      its gigawatt-hours, not giga watts

      You are dealing with a Certified Energy Manager, don't be sloppy with the units.

      You will have lots of work decomm plants.

    2. right
      the problem is
      the tech we are using is broken / a deception / a lie

      the sun is NOT a perpetual nuclear explosion / event / device
      it never was
      this has been known for upwards of a century yet the fable of the nuclear sun persists ...
      the sun is electric , a positive anode emitting positively charged particles .
      the science to support is strong , the science behind the nuclear sun is weak / defective .

      so is the alleged "tech" / science supporting nuclear plants

    3. Get your dose units right. Chickens are not man, and Sieverts is the SI units for radiation equivalent "man" or rem. #nocred

    4. Get your dose units right. Chickens are not man, and Sieverts is the SI units for radiation equivalent "man" or rem. #nocred

    5. More people die from skin cancer due to sun overexposure than any nuclear plant mishap. Time, shielding (sun block) are in play here. Radiation is a fact of life across the EM spectrum.

    6. More people die from skin cancer due to sun overexposure than any nuclear plant mishap. Time, shielding (sun block) are in play here. Radiation is a fact of life across the EM spectrum.

    7. horse poop
      exposure to the sun DOES NOT cause skin cancer
      in fact
      it reduces the probability that those exposed to the sun BY INCREASING the VITAMIN D content of the subject
      ASSUMING the subject has sufficiently HIGH (normal) cholesterol levels
      it is well documented that the solvents in the sun screen UV blockers
      DO cause skin cancer two ways
      by exposure to the toxin in the creme AND by reducing Vitamin D in the subject

      does cause cancer / death in small amounts
      cesium 137 and it is NOT naturally occurring
      the source is contamination in the fuel rods in NUKE Plants

      this really matters because cesium replaces / displaces potassium which is
      a necessary component for the functioning of the ION pump of human body cells

  3. Well, that leaves at least two more fucked up managers available to work in the adult entertainment industry.
    That is, Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick. :lol

    Like my dad once said: "Son, if it's a pain in the ass, you're doing something wrong!:


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