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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nat Geo Bought By a Global Media Mogul born on March 11, 1933

Murdoch just bought Nat Geo.

Nat Geo had unmoderated comments and a huge following.   When I posted there on nuclear information matters, a lot of people heard.     hmmmmmm

21st Century Fox’s Takeover of National Geographic Just Got Off to an Ugly Start—With Layoffs


  1. I think you should make some videos stock. just stay anonymous. Many nice people on enenews but some lunkheads too. I have found tritium in water in us. The k40 jive is turning me off. there. also the concentrations of radionucleides can be expressed as regular mass but the horrible egotist lunkhead csd has to go off on a diatribe to confuse the shit out of jim lynch and all the other thoughtful people around. it would be nice to have a slightly better moderated aggregatotor than enenews for people who are serious.

    1. Yes I am going to ramp up on video, youtube, screen capture video.

      Stuff people can watch or listen to while driving to work or riding the bus.

  2. another publication completely bites the dust. murdoch will run it into ground like everything else. he is heavily subsidized by governments and nukes another fing rich corporate welfare socialist pig

    1. Yep....I guess last year when Nat Geo had free unmoderated comments, and we got the anti nuke words out to hundreds of thousands....

      unfortunately we may have caused the collateral damage and put it on the radar of the asshats that be.


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