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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NUkist Troll Photoshops Reactor 3 to Show Water Therfore No Sky High Explosion Happened

Troll sayeth
The greenish patch is the spent fuel pool. (Still full of water, which means Gundersen's spent fuel pool explosion theory doesn't hold water.)

stock here....that picture looked kind of familiar, I pulled one out from my archive

I will add the pictures seperately, I realize in the above compiled pictures, it is hard to obviously see the photoshopping.

This picture taken this week over San Francisco.    Big Gov did another one by LA too.    These are Intercontinental Balistic Missiles capable of carrying nuclear bombs.     They gave no notice and didn't explain even after the sightings by millions.  

Methinks it is mostly saber rattling at Russia, and to start getting USA people scared of Russia and nuclear bombs, so that USA had take a harder stance with Russia without the little people getting upset over MORE war mongering.     Nobel peace prize, eh?


  1. What is your definition of a troll? Just because we differ on opinions doesnt make me or any nuclear proponent a troll. But you can say whatever you want. Doesnt make it true. Now back to your pic. Its actually bluish from Cerenkov radiation which are a result of electrons traveling faster than light speed in water. So Gundersens theory doesnt hold water. Pun intended. As we are learning more and more about Fukushima and radiation effects we find there is no conspiracy, no ongoing sustained criticality (as opposed to subcritical fission) and no prolonged human health hazard despite what you may believe. You backed the wrong horse here (Gundersen). You are also pretty crude in your data analysis with absolutely no consideration for uncertainty analysis. Lets see some rudimentary uncertainty analysis ok? It need not be rocket science. Just accounting for systemic effects is an improvement. Also consider other possible explainations not just the ones you want to steer your audience toward.

  2. Is this guy a bot? i have seen some decent comment bots in my day, but this guy is always double posting. LOLz Cherenkov radiation he says... go pick up another primer on nuclear keywords... and i don't think any one is learning more and more about Fukushima... what are the sources... WHOI?? NRC?? Another captured alphabet agency?
    I feel threatened by this guy and his constant attacks on people and his references to others as rats. That sort of dehumanization and hurtful speech is very frightening when it comes from someone who has a motive to silence people and does in fact commit premeditated random acts of murder by working with and promoting Nuclear 'death generation'... oops i meant Nuclear 'weapons production', nope sorry again i meant Steam 'energy'... thats right... That's what nuke plants are for right?

    1. I'll his IP and we can do a police report, like Dana

    2. Dana is the crimibal. I wish no one ill will. Non starter. Dont waste your time.

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  3. Hard to see in this small image
    Lookin forward for updated image
    Thx stock

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