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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obama: We Do Not Expect Harmful Radiation to Reach the USA Mainland, Hawaii, or Guam

And then he left with his family on an unplanned trip to South America, with GE CEO Geoffrey Emmelt.   Proof is at the bottom, please read this whole thing.    Oh yeah, and sign up as a follower, so I actually might believe that people read my articles.

Hmmmmmmmm.   Watch this video.

we are bringing all available resources to bear....our 50 mile evacuation is based on careful scientific evaluation". Jackzo was later sacked in his job. 10 to 1 he got a pension from US.

On April 8th, 2011, 4 weeks after GE's reactors blow up in Fukushima, this article in Forbes RE

The Unholy Marriage Of GE And President Obama At The Altar Of Industrial Policy

Note--there are only 2 comments on this story that is 4 years old.    Americans have no interest in this humdrum boring industrial political story....even though it pervades their life in dozens of ways, and feeds the governmental corruption and the .1%

Link to the video


In July 2010, Jeffrey Immelt was harshly critical of Obama, and of "The Bernank". Funny, I have been harshly critical of both of them, and they never handed me a sweet gig with great benefits.
Business doesn’t like the president, and he feels the same way about business, Immelt said. He contrasted Obama’s attitude to that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who defends German industry, Immelt said.
“I am not sure that in the end they want any of us to win, or any of us to be successful.”
So Obama  silences the criticism by handing him a government high office.

On March 15th the Government announced Obama and family going to Brazil and Chile:
White House press secretary Jay Carney said the president and first lady Michelle Obama will meet with the leaders and speak to the people of these countries (Brazil and Chile)  to discuss a broad range of issues including economic prosperity and job creation through increased trade and partnerships, energy and security cooperation, shared values and other regional and global concerns
Obama's Travel Companions in Brazil ^ | 3/19/2011

Posted on 3/19/2011, 3:52:59 PM by GVnana


Jeffrey Robert Immelt.. Immelt will retain his post at G.E. while becoming "chairman of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, a newly named panel that President Obama is creating by executive order."

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Candris served as senior vice president, Nuclear Fuel, providing fuel fabrication, components and services to commercial nuclear power plants worldwide.

He currently serves as a director of Fluor Corporation, Halliburton Company and The Welch Foundation.

John V. Faraci, 60, is ... a trustee of Denison University and a member of the Citigroup International Advisory Board. ... He is a trustee of the American Enterprise Institute.
Anthony S. Harrington is President and CEO of Albright Stonebridge Group, a global st

In case you don't trust Michael Savage, here is the "program" from the Brazil Council 

LOL, just a bonus...there are great posters at physicsforums, but the head moderators like astronuc having really swallowed the blue pill 

And a great perspective on "why did things play out like they did" from PhillipUpNorth, ya der eh?

just a matter of money:
Suppose you are the President of the US towards the end of March, 2011.
Oval Office meeting about Fukushima.
  1. The CDC calculates 10,000 Fukushima Cancers in CA, OR, HI, and WA.
  2. Some others in other states.
  3. Over next 20 years.
  4. Somebody asks the question: Should we recommend western states keep kids inside for recess as plume passes over?
  5. Sure, but how many of those 10,000 Fukushima Cancers do we avoid by doing this?
  6. Answer: Maybe 1,000. Folks will get dosed at home, eating food, riding in vehicles, drinking water, and in classrooms anyway.
  7. And, the sight of kids wearing masks in the US to avoid radiation from Japan, will almost certainly kill the nuclear power industry, here and around the world.
  8. What are we talking about?
  9. Retail value of US nuclear power was $793 million in 2010. stock here--see below I think this number is more like $93 B
  10. And cost to decommission 104 commercial reactors would be ruinous to the nuclear utilities.
  11. Public panic, once that genie is out of the bottle.
  12. When do you say it's safe to be outside?
  13. What are we going to say?
  14. "Very tiny amounts of Fukushima radiation detected. No immediate harm to human health."
  15. So let's go with that.
Gotta run. Family going on vacation to South America for a couple weeks.
PUN: Sorry, nuclear industry, but the videos of Unit 1 & 3 explosions may have already accomplished the death of the nuclear industry. As for the rest, history will be the judge. In about 50 years, the full extent of Fukushima Cancers in US will…

yep, added that to my article. You are probably striking close to the truth.
That said, I think your "value" of nuclear in US is way off. But to the industry, they peg their 2015 value at $93 Billion annually, per the nukists
Which is a big nest egg to protect, so spending $1.4 billion per year in propaganda, false science studies, grants to control university and "science" whores….is just a small fraction.

We do realize the Expected Value of nuclear is actually a net negative.


  1. I knew he went on a BS trip, but I didn't know he took Emmelt with him. Never trust your government about an issue involving invisible long-term dangers and profits.

  2. Thank you for keeping the truth alive.

  3. Lies, Lies, LIES from the $erial Lying DEM RENEGER!

    1. Ya it is pretty disgusting, they really feel like they don't even have to hide it any more

  4. Hey it could be just me but the mike savage link was broken. Also - don't forget Aris Candris, Westinghouse CEO also accompanied. I do believe trip was preplanned, but you're right, not sure if family in tow was part of plan, as well as Immelt/ Candris. But you know sometimes we give TPTB too much credit for 'being in the know' I think they might be more clueless than we think. Immelt was traveling in Japan in April 2011 already. I think Gates also have traveled at some point similar (tho not sure )

    The entire Rockefeller clan was in India for an extended period btw.

    1. The savage link worked.
      Indeed I think it was preplanned, how convenient.


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