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Monday, November 9, 2015

Scientists are Paid To Lie, Our Tax Dollars Are Used to Create Lies That Then Work Against Us

We noted before that NOAA was lying about cause of mammal deaths.

NOAA shown lying about mammal deaths

And that was an official policy in Canada until the new young prime miinster wiped that policy and made government scientists "1st class citizens" again.

All this as Dana Durnford, is arrested and threatened with 10 years in jail, for ranting against lying scientists.

And then they are pretending that "Global Warming" killed a whale that was obviously starving

The UK, a dying empire, like the USA....has gone full tilt wrong.   How the hell can you be a Civil "Servant" if you are failing to inform, intentionally lying?

Censorship of Government Scientists Spreads to the United Kingdom

, program manager, Center for Science & Democracy | March 31, 2015, 7:00 am EST
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British scientists are pushing back strongly against a move by the UK government to control how government scientists communicate their research with the public. This is a very troubling development that is bad for science and bad for the public interest. The news was reported on Friday in the Guardian and Science.
The new language, added to the Civil Service Code, is as follows:
All contacts with the media should be authorised in advance by the relevant Minister unless a specific delegation or dispensation has been agreed which may be for blocks of posts or areas of activities. The Civil Service Code applies to all such contacts.  Civil Servants must at all times observe discretion and express comment with moderation, avoiding personal attacks.


  1. I guess you havent been around the scientific community much. You really think Dana was justified in his actions? If you were his lawyer how would you prepare his defense? There should be some jail time here. Then again, its Canada.


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