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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sean Oliver Lists A Great Set Of Nuclear and Radiation Information Sources

OK "greenthinker", Here goes>

Wait stock here----hey man you forgot Nukepro!


OK THEN! That should keep you busy for about a half a minute!

The reason I say that is because instead of going through this little bit of material and becoming enlightened, I suspect you will ignore it and continue to feed me your mentally ill excuses as to why it is I am so unworthy and you are the mental genius you think you are.
Pulling up greenthinkers "follower" list on Disqus one can seen many of the trolls in one place.

Josh Haha
peter paul
Mr Eric Shapiro
Pete Jesson
Clive Elsworth
Michael Mann
Dammand Cherry


  1. Its good that enenews has settled down. Some of those pronuc people look young. Maybe too young to appreciate tmi or chernobyl. They sure as hell should appreciate fuku though!

    I appreciate hillbilly, your posts, obe, fad, doc, obvious, very much love orwell and you. i am so sad for dana. words cannot express how sad it makes me feel. i do not agree w everything dana, or joyb, or helen c or arnie says by im am glad they are there and glad for what they have done and said.. i do not understand why helen caldicott tolerates beusseler. maybe she just dont know enough about him.

    Be safe stock. we all love you and yur work.

    1. TY, I am fairly well positioned to be safe. Not all love my work. As it should be, LOL

      Ya true ENE, getting more realistic. Its good. PT still worries me...I hope that is not you ANON.


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