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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Solar Net Metering -- Under Attack By Nuclear Cartel

stock here, I will flesh out this article more when I get a chance.
The nuclear industry and Big Util is on a full on war against solar, it's worst enemy.


This report out of Maine indicates that the value to the state from  solar is above most net metering costs.

Pages 11 and 12 of the doc indicate that societal benefits are significant.  The utilities on the West Coast are most likely misrepresenting their case.

JC: Solar net metering is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

JC you are wrong.   It is nothing similar to robbing Peter to Pay Paul.

Solar investors simply stop paying an electric bill, although they still pay a monthly charge.   In Hawaii it was $17 per month.     If there are 200,000 domiciles that is $3.4M per month.    That is $40.8 Million per year.    Does that seem like it should cover wiring failures, tree cutting, transformer replacements?     That would be for the island of Oahu.  

Lets look at the budget breakdown.
 Lets say that is $10M for materials and thus $30.8M for Labor

At a Full Time Equivalent of $120,000 per year, that provide 256 workers.    Does that seem like enough to take care of the grid?   

That's like 1 worker for every 1 square mile of habitable land.    That seems very doable to me.   

Now those who haven't done solar need to foot the bill for the "grid".  Is that true, or is the $17 monthly fee adequate to cover that?

The grid is already paid for, and maintenance is very small, its wires and transformers....things that have high reliability.
But solar helps the grid.    It feeds power to the grid when the grid needs it the most.   And solar users add load to the the grid, when the grid needs the load, at night.
So please explain why you think this is robbing peter to pay paul?

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