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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Status of Canadian Pacific Ocean Videos

I have asked the author when these videos were taken, lets see if I get an answer,  I will definitely post it if I get an answer.    They nicely describe the location, but fail to provide the date.

Regardless, I do not consider these videos to show a "vibrant" life.

I have personally done over 900 dives, including some photos and video.    These have been in Hawaii, Guam, Tahiti, so kind of different.

Watch the videos, you can click through the time bar pretty quick.   The title photo is the best of the best of the best.    Other parts of the videos basically show a boneyard with 1 or 2 species.   There should be hundreds.

Also this author is doing their best to discredit Dana Durnford, so take things with a grain of salt.

Larvae, wow!
Wow algae! Witty Lagoon Park - we would hope the Parks would be in better shape than the average shoreline Glencoe Cove Island View Beach Sea Anemone Did anyone see any substantial fish in any of those videos? 

 Here is one from Dana Durnford


  1. I saw a few larvae and snails urchins,where are the fish?crabs?squids?Starfish?

  2. It is easy to post a couple OLD videos with lots of sea life and claim that Dana is nothing but lies. Dana did too much work and documented too well in order for this smear campaign to work.

    1. I didn't get a response from the author on age of the videos, we will see.

      But these are NOT awesome ocean videos, i know what it used to be.

    2. Hay Stock , ole buddy , ole pal lol , i posted your 61 Pages of Stories of the Death of the Pacific link in comments to a video attacking Dana . The uploader is Silver Gold Man , video title : Fukushima Fraud Dana Durnford EXPOSED Day 1 After A Night In Jail.
      Here is his reply to me copied from the comments : +RattleShark You tell that FRAUDSTER to come here and I'll debate the lying SOB!..and I'll do it LIVE so everyone will see & hear that he's another Fraud just like Dana Durnford

  3. It is a tour through the bone yard.

  4. All you people need to get over the fact that the ocean is dying. Its pretty robust. Fukushika was a non starter.


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