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Friday, November 6, 2015

Twitter, a Great Social Media Tools, Organize With Hashtags, AND a Cheatsheet How Cool Is That?

Twitter is a useful Media format.     Tweets are short, but they can link to full articles, etc.    In 2 seconds you can decide whether the items interests you or not.

there are a lot of "aggregators" that compile article on similar "hashtag" 'd topics.

A hashtag is simply the pound sign#

Don't be scared, get a free account and Wing Up!

Quick guide

Source of the cheatsheet

The cheatsheet

Submitted by a reader in comments, listed here as a working hyperlink



  2. I think a man in the streets video asking people if they know about fuku good. also compilations of tweets in a video. maybe invite people to make own video rants even anonymously about fuku but not so vulgar and yelling like dana and kevin. maybe a top 10,questions about fuku. maybe a quiz taxi abput fuku like the guy in ny. video of the nuclear reactor of the week! sppofs on nuke trolls like loose nuke with a pocket protector and his face half twisted and melting off like the toxic avenger. how about getting troma films to resurrect the toxic avenger at nuclear plants that are falling apart? animations by bo and west aussie?

  3. how about movie festivals w humorous antinuke movies like nuke em high

    , china syndrome 1950s movie the 50 foot man, the satan bug , old aec documentaries, a boy and his dog interspersed with serious fuku aninuke discussions. could do em on colkege campuses as free movie nights in seattle , san francisco as fund raisers

  4. That cut of nuke em high was italian heres a better one sorrysorry english

    1. I skimmed that one....hilarious stuff, instead of teenagers wearing swimsuits, smoking weed, and getting killed by Freddie, they were getting killed by radiation, in a funny way, if there is a funny way......stock out

  5. Here is my favorite, it has allowed me (and others) to "tag" every post about what is happening about the multi-Billion Dollar SanO ratepayer ripoff plus even the Media is now using it for background information.


    aka Reg. Link:
    Tiny Link:

    This new hashtag will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

    1. U mean these hashtags will automatically list all related tweets about various subjects? I don't have tweeter yet...

    2. Go full bird, do it now. We will call you Twitter Colonel


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