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Friday, December 4, 2015

A Rare Whale Death In Alaska, "A Gift from God", Wow

Will nuclear energy someday be seen as the "Garden of Eden" moment for mankind, when our desire for conquest and destruction, and then our desire for a "free lunch" as Satan taunted us to "embrace destruction of the atom".

In the article, the president of a whaling association calls this dead whale a gift from God.

Any talk of testing for radiation or domoic acid?

Real life story in Hawaii.    Good friends, one in an oceanographer type girl, she works mainly with the ocean critters.   

I mentioned the Pacific UME's (unusual mortality events) and her pat answer was....there have always been UMEs

I mentioned the number of shark attacks attacks going up 5 to 10 times, and her pat answer was "there are more people in the water"

I mentioned Domoic acid, and she had never heard the word before.

Our best and brightest are corrupted and brainwashed just from being in  "the system".    The easy lies are readily absorbed and the hard truths and intuitions never even get a speaking role.


Scientists and whalers who examined the whale, a calf just over 25 feet long, say it was not killed by hunters. Two possible culprits are an attack by killer whales -- something that might be on the rise in Arctic waters as sea ice retreats -- or a ship strike.
stock here---either one seems quite remote, the first one absurd because the killer whales would have eaten large portions of the whale.    

Matkin said orcas usually eat the lips and tongue of dead whales first, a flesh-like “tenderloin” that may serve as an entire first course, with some orcas returning later to feed on other parts of the carcass.
The recovered calf’s tongue was not eaten, which is unusual for a killer whale attack, the release from the wildlife department said.
“That’s mysterious,” said George.
 Hmmmmm...they didn't even take the "tenderloin".

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