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Thursday, December 31, 2015

"The Precious" Blinded Me With Science - Heretics of Science or Speakers of Truth?

My schooling and career have been based on "science", mathematics, materials, energy, engineering and practical application of all that. I became a CEM Certified Energy Manager when there were only 9000 in the entire USA. Most wars are fought over energy, yet we have only 9000 specialists in Energy Management? How screwed up is that? Even among my college associates...if I express anti-nuclear, people don't like it. Some put me into the camp of "heretic". So be it. Science is not clean and good, it just is. And these days it can be used for the bad....especially as society gets more desperate. stock out. Don't be blinded by anything. Healthy New Year to Ye.


  1. All of your schooling and training never helped move you to professional work in nuclear consulting. The minute you receive one dollar for your nuclear knowledge, quality of preparation becomes paramount. When you go to your physicians office, you see their credentials on the wall. It is no different in professional life.

    Oh sure you can hobnob with Gundersen and Busby but at the end of the day its about what you bring to the table.

    Get professional, quality software

    If people really cared about quality results, they would learn to use quality tools.

    Everything you need is there.

    1. Quality results is the elimination of the Nuclear Cartel.

      Let me be clear, if you like your truth, you can keep your truth.

      However, you can't make up your own truth.

  2. Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab. Splendido! "Loose Nuke." Yeah, perfect name. Loose nukes, loose cannons. Exactly, and precisely the problem since the get-go. No accountability, or at minimum strenuous attempts not to have any.

    RE: this

    Yeah, well, my 1st cousin used to be the COO for Hanford. He is brainwashed too. "Breeder reactors are the answer." Right, and never mind the industry has a dismal safety track record at best. But hey, let's dump billions or trillions more $$ into this worthless, death dealing technology. And don't EVER call a spade, a spade! The Nuclear Cartel is, bottom line, a bunch of killers who have been allowed to go free and to date never got the justice they deserved. The dead cry out for justice. All the babies that died or were deformed as a result of the Hanford "Green Runs" for starters.


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