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Friday, December 4, 2015

COP21 A Name Proving the Greddy Sociopaths Can Actually Have a Twisted Sense of Humor

Just noticed it today, the Paris-Site Climate Conference is abbreviated as COP21

A perfect play on words indicating the New World Order as the "COP" over the worlds energy systems, and then combining this with "Agenda 21".

If not familiar with agenda 21, Google it.

Cyrille Cormier of NGO Greenpeace France disagrees. He says that compared to renewables, nuclear is far more costly.
"Every megawatt-hour produced by nuclear energy from an EPR reactor costs about 100 euros. The cost of producing the same amount of renewable energy with wind turbines and solar is already less almost everywhere in the world. For example in France, it’s already 70 euros per MW-hour for big solar farms and wind turbines.”
Cormier remarks on Youth Day at the Cop21, that nuclear is a waste burden and financial drain on future generations.


  1. COP21 showed the antinuclear movement to the door. The book Climate Gamble was a big hit. Over 5000 distributed. Pretty much the reason the world is in this mess is due to exponential increased fossil, in concert with exponential increase population. Funny how that works.

    1. Let me put it this way, fuck you, any questions or clarifications needed?

      Would you like to appoint a committee to review what that meant?

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed, give no quarter to the enemy, let them have no rest.

  3. Dude, George Carlin was right. First one to drop the F bomb in a debate loses. COP21 showed antinuclearism for what it really is. Did you really think solar and wind could displace nuclear as the need for electricity exponentially increases the next 70 years? Its really pretty simple. Look at Zimmer plant. It was to be nuclear but was turned to dirty coal. Thank you for adding deadly carcinogens to the planet. All antinukes did was make the environment worse. Your movement is flailing after the public pantsing. In the end it has lead to nothing and shows the hysteria of Caldicott, Busby, Gundersen. I spent a week in the Pacific Northwest. No impact to the region from Fukushima. Antinuclearism swallowed junk science like the prom queen in the limo on the way to the afterparty.


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